Thursday, November 6, 2014

Movember 5 Day 97

What a difference a day makes.
You need to know that I was very sad that Obama was the Democratic nominee 6 years ago. I was also sorry McCain was.  I knew most Americans blamed Bush for everything from dandruff to the economy and whoever it was on the Republican side, they were likely to lose.

  Here are some facts- yes, facts.

1) Bush did start a war- yep. But he did not read a children's book upside down, and he didn't want to scare those kids- so he rushed it and said BYE very quickly. Within a couple of minutes.  For those of you who think Bush is an idiot- well, he graduated just fine from schools that most of us couldn't even get into. I feel he was justified in starting the war because that war should have happened years ago when Saddam Hussein gassed and murdered the Kurds. (too bad he didn't know what to do after that) - here is a little bit of knowledge for the people who said Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction- maybe not the kind you expected.  The Kurds are being murdered AGAIN, right now- and again, no one seems to care very much. Particularly democrats.

2) Bush was not responsible for the economic meltdown. You have your choice, you can watch the PBS Frontline that explains ALL OF IT to you, and it is well done and fascinating. OR you can just blame Bill Clinton for what he did to the regulatory rules that were supposed to keep this from happening. Take your pick- either way you will end up at the same point.  GO ON and watch it. You have time.

3) Republicans are racists, misogynists and they are really, really rich.  Well. you can parse wealth a lot of ways but what you should do is stop complaining about people because they have more money than you. Let's put it this way- lots of people inherit money from smart, motivated and inventive parents and because of genetics, their offspring make money, too. Successful people tend to make money and manage it properly.  Most politicians at the state or national level are pretty well off. Why? They are educated and motivated. Lazy people only run for office as a joke. IN fact, for a lot of rich people, politics is a crap job for them- they'd have a lot more money in the private sector.  Really rich Democrats are actually enormous hypocrites- they think they should pay more in tax, and nothing is stopping them from doing so,  but their own palsied little hand doesn't seem to want to write a check to the IRS for more. They get the checkbook yips.  Republicans do more volunteer work. (do you really need me to look that up?)   Let's talk about misogyny. Lots of men are misogynists- it isn't a political thing at all. I doubt Republicans are any more misogynistic than Democrats. There are a lot of strong Republican women- I know a lot of them.  You want to see a REALLY inexcusable misogynist- look at Hillary Clinton. Women her husband chases are "bimbos" (and probably worse names are used in private)- Hillary is the worst sort of role model for women. She is a needy, jealous and angry sort of female. Instead of growing a pair and leaving her hound dog, she blamed the WOMEN. Moses wept.  As for racism- well, Republicans are the ones who tried so hard to pass a civil rights act in 1957. Even John Kennedy voted against it. He later laughed about it and said "I guess I shouldn't have done that".  (And PBS's broadcast on Kennedy.)
Here- read what the democrats did BEFORE they realized they needed a platform that would make them look like non-racists.

Obama really wasn't ready for this. No- he wasn't. It isn't racist  disagree with Obama. In fact, it would be racist to support someone because of their race rather than their ability. A man who never wrote a paycheck, never had a real job, only abstained to vote on legislation,  never governed a state or even a boy scout troop- well, what did people expect?  Then he surrounds himself with Valerie Jarrett and his wife. At first, I thought, oh well, that idiot Joe Biden has been around long enough to show him the ropes. But he didn't. Obama seems really disconnected. He doesn't seem to even understand how government works. Even Bill Clinton figured that out after a while. Most presidents find a way to make it work. Not this president. It is very sad in so many ways. On another note, as sheriff of Claiborne county and a nominee for Governor of Louisiana Girls State, I probably have more political experience in working with others nicely.

I also sort of believed Obama in his campaign when he talked about transparency- about having hearings and committee meetings put on CSPAN, about working with the others in Washington.  And then the VERY first thing he did was have a meeting for which the Republicans were locked OUT. How childish? How sad.  I couldn't believe it. He actually LIED. When called on it, he said "it was a political campaign. You say things."  Yes, I guess you do.  I actually voted for Bill Clinton- once. I was appalled at the people who felt it was okay for a sitting president to have an affair with a white house employee. A 22 year old one. So I am sort of ashamed of myself.  But this time,  I didn't want to vote for someone I didn't feel was competent to lead this nation. I just wish I hadn't been so right.  I had no idea it would get this bad. 

I'm a libertarian and have been for years. But a third party doesn't work- because it always comes down to which party is hurt by my third party vote, and it is the party that would be my second choice. So I stay a republican in most of my votes. I try to know everything I can about the candidates I vote for. I've never voted for a straight ticket.  I usually figure a little change is good for us all because it shakes things up. But it shouldn't take our country down the path of so much hatred. The lies told against Republicans are ridiculous. How can people believe that stuff? But they do.  Why are so many stupid and rude people involved in politics at all? The internet has really shown us how many people just aren't very bright.

Oh well, I can tell you that the sun will come up tomorrow for all of us. And sometimes that is the thought that sees you through. I'm sick of being told I owe someone something because I am a white American. The way I see it, my ancestors suffered and died for this country. They participated in the Revolution and most of them lived to collect the small pension when they were old. No one owned a slave because they didn't need it. I will apologize to no one. Ever. If this country doesn't stop living in the past (the favorite spot of liberal websites), it will die. Like any living thing- parasites can kill you, and we need to figure out what to do with the people who make a living off of the people who do work and manage their income properly.

So, I hope everyone calms down and goes back to eating at McDonalds and worrying about the size of their rear in comparison to the size of an airline seat.
Oh- and Mary Landrieu - I hope she loses. Big time.

If you are a moderate of any kind, then you get that our country has a yin and yang- we go back and forth between parties, lots of drama and not a lot of action. But remember that our founding fathers absolutely understood the dangers of a huge federal government- how it could manipulate and over tax and curry favors, etc. And here we are. And it is a mess. But the sun'll come out, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar, there'll be sun. (heh) (now try to get that out of your head)

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