Friday, November 28, 2014

November 28 2014

I am now officially ending my counting of days. I am back on facebook, and I am deleting the things that annoy me. And evidently my newly remodeled sense of peace shows in my cooking- everyone loved dinner this year and found everything to be perfectly done. Now, I don't know if that is true, but I don't care- it sounds good.  SNL had a video that describes our situation- if you have kids you see all the time, you might not get it.

I used some of my new Bauer pottery for Thanksgiving- the table really was pretty. Pictures don't do it justice because it was a very soft glow and we really enjoyed sitting at the table.

It is dark here very early, so the candles were lit and the chandelier was the main light.

Those Thanksgiving cracker thingies were hilarious. No one could really work them right and so we had some insta-trash on the table. The cats have had fun today playing with the inside toys. Each one came with a "joke" sheet and only Steve and I laughed at every single one of them.   The roses have teensy thorns on them, so I left them on the table overnight. I guess the kitties learned a quick lesson about them because one rose was only halfway out of the vase, and the other vase had a little cat throw up next to it with a rose petal in it. Suspiciously glittery, too.

We watched the Seahawks and, fittingly, we watched the South Park episode with Gobbles the turkey. If you don't get the reference, don't worry.  But it was a really funny episode that we tend to watch every year.

Honestly, a turducken is so easy to make if someone just ships it to you. We have a turducken with cornbread stuffing, crawfish etouffee, eggplant with shrimp casserole and rice and gravy made from the turducken drippings. It is SO good. Ryan made 2 apple pies while everything else was getting underway.  I was too full, though. I wish they made lifesavers in those flavors.

It has been rainy or windy and is now cold. They say it will snow tomorrow, which is total BS. I cannot stand snow. We have to get the kids to the airport around 6 pm tomorrow, and I don't want them dealing with a mess, much less getting de-iced. Hollis, having gone to college in New Jersey and lived in Boston, has no problem in bad conditions. Steve is a southern California guy- and like me, doesn't want to be in "we need a de-icer" conditions. 

Okeedokee- I will post something at least every 4-5 days. Don't worry. I won't give up the blog!!
I promise.

Love, me

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