Sunday, November 9, 2014

NOVEMBER 7, 8, 9 DAY 99 (and Day 100 and Day 101)

You didn't think I'd QUIT did you? I still haven't gone to look at facebook. I just can't decide. Oh well, I guess I will look at it but I won't stop this blog. It's been a lot of fun, actually. Weirdly, I am not even sure I know my facebook password. Hmmmm. Time to think.

We went to Cannon Beach, Oregon on Thursday afternoon and stayed at the Stephanie Inn overlooking the beach and Haystack. Unlike the last time we went, the weather was fantastic for 2 full days, and we walked on the beach, took pictures, ate at Newman's 988 and at the Inn, and got so much sleep that I couldn't sleep anymore. I am NOT a big sleeper, so having more than about 6 hours means I might be up for days.  Because Alex's work schedule is full of very long days, it is always nice to spend some time together.

Ryan is our excellent cat sitter- the kitties just love him and are totally relaxed and in playtime mode when they hear the doorbell for any reason. They always think it will be Ryan. When it is someone else they are everything from a little pissed off  to an outright Zuzu Hissing Fit .

Instead of posting a bunch more of our activities, I'll just put up some pictures. The moon was so bright at night that the shore was brilliantly lit.
Alex's panorama:
 Alex at Haystack:
One of the 3 Stave puzzles we did:
 I'm everywhere!
 Me in front of Haystack:
 Walking from Stephanie Inn to Seaside:
And here is are two pictures at night- one with night exposure and one without:

Well, we almost beat the rain home and it looks like the Seahawks will win! Even though, I am sort of glad to have missed a cold and rainy stint in the stands. It is part of the world up here, but boy, it can really suck.

I will post tomorrow because everyone needs to know what grief or lack thereof lies ahead by going back to look at facebook.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who read these first 99 days. Yay!

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