Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10 Day 1 back to facebook

Well, I went back to facebook and caught up with some people. Thankfully, I did not see many nasty political posts. I'm not sure what that means- but I am grateful for it. I saw that one of our friends had her baby a couple of days ago. That was pretty exciting. Alex's cousin is still perking along with her pregnancy. I'm always relieved when two women who are older and have never had a baby before are doing well. They are given the somewhat insulting medical term "elderly primiperas". But they are more prone to almost every complication not to mention Down's Syndrome babies. But all looks well. Also, my college sorority sisters had a reunion of sorts for homecoming, and this is a group I have dragged together on facebook. While I was gone, they gathered up a few more sisters and now it is just fun to look at those pictures.  Another friend found out her beautiful golden, Fee, has squamous cell cancer in her nose and throat. Poor girl. But my friend says that Fee doesn't seem to be hurting or to know she is dying, so until she shows signs of hurting or cannot breath around it, Fee gets to enjoy her golden doggie life. It will be a very teary farewell because this particular friend is a HUGE donor to animal welfare, and many of us know how painful this will be for her. But til then, she has promised not to upset Fee by crying in front of her. I agree.

But all in all, it was really weird to get back on facebook. I really could cut 300 people and not miss them. Because I actually don't miss them anyway. I have to see how it goes. The 99days people did NOT send me another survey to fill out. I'm kind of mystified by that.

I got a lot of laundry done in spite of the distraction today. Tomorrow I have a D.A.R. meeting and that ought to be fun.

Alex is watching the Sounders play soccer against Dallas. Whoopie doo. Soccer is worse than golf. Runrunrunrunrunrunrunrunr.  Zzzzzzzzzzz. This crap wasn't important to Alex until he bought that Fifa World Cup game. Now he actually KNOWS the names of the players. Really? Zzzzzzzzzzzz.
(Alex just read that over my shoulder and says that is 'all true and all fair' of me to say.)

It has turned cold here. I am shivering and my hands are cold from sitting at the computer next to the window. I am going to have to move my computer over to the kitchen counter so I can be near the stove. I hate to do that because it takes up counter space AND India drives me crazy patting my leg over and over because she wants me to STOP and pay attention to her.

Okay, Stacie and Rainell, I won't stop blogging. It is for the best. If I know someone is out there, I'll write. 

I gained FOUR pounds in 4 days going to Oregon. What is up with THAT? I couldn't have eaten four pounds worth of calories. It is totally impossible.  TOTALLY. Dammit.

On that note, let's revisit this:

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