Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3 Day 95

By now everyone is aware that Monday is laundry day- as in wash the sheets and leftover laundry from the weekend. The kitties know it, and they give up on getting me to walk around the house dragging a toy they can run after. Especially on a rainy, dark day this is what you'll see:
That blanket on the sofa is very fuzzy on the side India is on- she kneads it and purrs and purrs. India had such a rough little beginning- I am sure her mom was not a deserter because mom cats don't do that. But she didn't have a living mom as far as anyone could tell since India was in a car engine, very skinny and quite scared after a ride to Walmart. (come to think of it, I don't know who wouldn't be scared riding in a car engine). So we baby her- even Zoubi will give up a toy to India. Thank goodness they love one another. Zoubisou prefers the firm surface because she can stay half awake to protect us.

I got a lovely phone call from the man who owns Bauer pottery. I got my plates because of a postcard Bauer sent me and I fell in love with the table setting on the postcard:

I went searching for the image they used and there it is on flickr!  But I called Bauer and asked where they got the wonderful pink napkins and placemats because I was planning on ordering THAT exact table setting.  But, the owner said those were, in fact, he and his wife's personal napkins and placemats and he was sure they wouldn't use them again and he would be happy to put them in the order IF he could find them!  I told them not to worry, I was going to order the plates anyway and though I loved the color of the pink, I didn't want them to give up something they really liked or go searching for them.  I got the plates, have been very happy playing with what I'll do for Thanksgiving with them, and didn't think too much more about it. But today he called me and said he would send the napkins and a little something else.  How nice is that? That really is unusual to have someone care that they get something for you that you liked.  I will post pictures on THIS BLOG when I have my table set.

Tomorrow is the election. I have been robbed of the fun of standing in a long line to vote at my local precinct place- we have to vote by mail. I miss it.
That is the last time I voted in a communal atmosphere of celebration of our right to vote - that is the Happy Valley Grange 322 that is right around the corner from my house. That day, everyone who voted got a sticker for a free donut with sprinkles from Krispy Kreme. I had no trouble getting a red one. The blues were in short supply.  Our neighborhood HOA meets at the Grange.  I had never, ever heard of a grange until I voted. There are goats and horses and a pumpkin patch near it, and possibly a meth lab or two.

Well, it's 1984 here right now- we are finally getting around to watching the last SNL and the artist known again as Prince is performing and Alex is saying "this is tserrible- come on Prince". And he means it.

So I asked Alex what is Prince's best song- and he says- "Let's Go Crazy". I was going to post it as tonight's video but guess what- Prince won't let youtube play his music. You can get a cover of it, but not Prince doing it. So tonight, you can try to imagine what it sounds like.
So you'll have to settle for one of my favorite kittens from the IBKC- Geraldine Dearborn.
But I'm a sucker for calicos.


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