Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 20 Day 11 back

I got up with the dawn (which is around 7 am) and went to the allergist for new testing. I've been a very good patient- I've gotten my allergy shots to dust and pollen for almost 3 years now. Religiously. But now I'm allergic to cat dander. Not India's because she is missing the saliva protein that causes the allergies. But Zoubi has it- in spades. Now, I can't give away my wonderfully quirky and intelligent little Zuzu. And my allergist absolutely understood that because he's heard it about a thousand times before. So I have a new nasal spray to go with my eye drops.  And that's okay.

So, it seems it is all the rage to worship big rear ends now. What? And I do notice that women who are a good deal more than "full figured" are kind of acting like that's okay. Now, far be it from me (I'm a good 35 pounds over my best weight) to tell ANYONE what they should weigh. You want to be fat, fine by me. I don't know where anyone who is 5'3" or under finds anything to wear if they weigh 50 or more pounds over. I have no earthly idea.  I'll give you some leeway if you have big bones because I KNOW some girls are just bigger. Their bones ARE bigger.  But the minute, no wait, the SECOND your blood pressure goes up, it is time to really figure out what to do. If you are over 50, well, it is really hard because now the engine of your metabolism has decided to take a hike. But all these young women, bragging about their weight- I don't get it. No one is saying you have to be underweight, or even normal weight for a person say in 1960- but if you are fat- and that is not a BAD word it is just a TRUE word- you need to get a grip. Don't go dancing around bragging about your ass being huge because ten to one, the rest of you is pretty big, too.  I understand that the way around this reality is to call ANYONE who says it isn't good for you a "fat shamer". Really? They should be called people who give a crap.

Your heart is the size of your fist. And the reason women die more than men when they have a heart attack is because women not only have smaller hearts, they have SMALLER BLOOD VESSELS. Therefore, you will clog up faster and die younger. A teeny clot can finish your heart off for good.  My genetic mother was a tiny woman- 5'1", never overweight by much, wore a size 5 shoe on a good day, and had several heart attacks and died at 53 year old. I never met her. She just had bad genes and she gave them to me. But because she smoked, she not only drew the black bean out of the jar- she smoked it one pack at a time.  Thank God I quit smoking at the age of 27. And I regret every day that I did. But I have Lipitor to temper my genes. A lot of these younger fat women don't have that option. Would you go to the doctor at ALL if you thought society was just shaming you but you really were okay? I get sad every time I look at Melissa McCarthy. She is a very talented and very pretty woman. I'm not sure she'd be "prettier" if she lost weight, and I don't care. But she is a MOTHER. And I can't believe her kids aren't motivation for her to foresee her future and fix it. Imagine the stress on her heart and her blood vessels, of her weight on her knees and hips and back.  Sure, on the upside, fat women don't get osteoporosis because they are literally carrying their weight like a backpack. It does keep the bones strong.  But if they live to be 70, it will NOT be fun. It will hurt just to walk. I'm not asking people to lose down to their high school weight. That is a really stupid idea- I was barely 17 when I graduated- not even nearly a mature woman. To go back to 110 pounds just would never happen. yeah, I am probably fat and therefore I know what I am talking about. But I am aware of it and really fight it. I would feel stupid glamorizing it in song and dance.

Don't waste your time singing songs about how great it is to be fat- it isn't great. Even if your boyfriend or husband likes it. If you are more than 50 pounds overweight, stop eating (and drinking)  all those carbs and you know that. See- the more overweight you are, the more overweight you will become. Fat doesn't burn calories- only muscle does. Just eating a regular amount will make you fatter. There is not much to burn it.  Use a few hand weights. Go for a walk. And STOP eating the white foods like bread, cake, bread crumbs, sugar, anything with sugar in it. Stop it with the rice. If you MUST have rice, measure out a half cup and that is IT. Don't let the waiter put the bread on the table.  If you are young, get out there and do something FUN that involves using your body in a safe but fun way. If you are older, ride your bike, swim at the gym or go to physical therapy.   But don't just sit there. Please.  Because if you are 30, you don't want to die at 53.


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