Friday, November 14, 2014

November 15 Day 6 back

Oh wow- I wish I could have taken video of this morning. Six of us from our DAR chapter were invited to the Veterans Day  school program at a local elementary school. I didn't know what to expect. Up here there is a great deal of feeling that the USA is a horrible, racist, misogynistic,  white privileged country and that people who don't agree with that state are racist, misogynistic and full of white privilege.  I don't know if it is the relative newness of this state, or if it is the provincial isolation of it, perhaps the kind of bad educational system, or if they are just sort of mean and jealous. But I was hoping it wouldn't be too painful. Turns out, it was lovely. The children knew patriotic songs by heart. The little choir was fantastic. Each class sang one of the songs from each branch of the military from air force to coast guard. They saluted the flag, sang the Star Spangled Banner with the RIGHT words, sang America the Beautiful and listened intently to our DAR Regent give an age appropriate talk about how the veterans at the VA hospital enjoyed their handmade cards.  It lasted almost an hour, and it was nothing but hugely patriotic songs and some flag waving (literally). They were well behaved (except for one kindergartener evidently named David who couldn't keep his hands off the kid in front of him).  I really wondered if all the teachers had come from the Midwest or south, where patriotism runs rampant. Their little school anthem was full of messages of learning to love one another. It was all beyond cute. The energy of 500 or so kids in a gym is amazing. They were like a hive of bees; the moment there was silence, the hive started buzzing. But they were easily shushed. I would have sent my kids to that school in a second.  I really didn't want to leave. I wanted to put on a Colonial American costume and reenact my ancestor's (Daniel Jones) skill of joining a regiment a few weeks before it disbanded. Then running to another area to join another one just before it disbanded. I think the total tally was 4 regiments in North Carolina and Tennessee. He led from behind with great skill.

I went and got an allergy shot after, and then found a labwork sheet in my purse and figured better late than never and went to the lab. I went to a French bakery and paid ONE DOLLAR EACH for a tiny macaron.  What the hell? Never again. I'll learn to make the damn things before I pay that again.  Then I went home and took a nap. India and Zoubi are at the fireplace, and it makes me sleepy just to watch them.

Got a robocall this morning at 6:15. Somehow, some damn way, the ringer on my upstairs phone got turned back on. I have suspicions about HOW that happened. (Alex just explained to me that it reset when our power went out.)  So it woke me up. I immediately turned the ringer back OFF.

We may have to get a new phone number. I HATE that. There's no guarantee a robocaller doesn't have that number, too.  I am pretty slow at all these numbers around here. I have pin numbers, there are 7 digits in my address not counting the Zip, and I have a cell phone. It is just awful. Another phone number. Gag. Maybe we should get a cell phone for our home and just plug it in downstairs.  I always figure the phone call is not for us- it is just annoying. Really annoying.

OKeedokee- I have to go get ready to go to a high price restaurant that has gotten some bad reviews. I have no idea how this is happening. I didn't pick it! I swear. I didn't.

Here is what I expected this morning:

Here is close to what I got:

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