Sunday, November 23, 2014

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It's been two weeks back on facebook,and yes, I notice the difference. So this weekend, I skipped the blog because I was busy doing stuff and preparing for Thanksgiving. Plus, we got a new wooden puzzle from Liberty called Views of Ancient Rome that is based on a painting. It was 472 pieces that are pretty tiny and are cut into imaginative shapes. Very imaginative. But it is far more fun doing a beautiful wooden puzzle than doing a cheap cardboard one. Plus you can easily do it over and over. The kitties did NOT enjoy it. But here is our puzzle that took us about 7 hours Saturday and Sunday:
Please feel free to click on it to enlarge.
We have another puzzle from Artifact that came today, and I'll post pictures of it later. We've used a flannel puzzle holder but I ordered a REAL puzzle board with storage. The cats can't use the table if we don't have one. We can't either. The puzzle board will save us all.

There was a bit of sad sort of news out of the IBKC. Over the past few years, our community has supported Laurie with lots of encouragement and cyber love as she fosters her kitten litters. We've cried like babies when one of them dies or becomes ill or even dies years later in their forever homes. We are a tender bunch. Some of us have our own kittens from Laurie. This last litter was mostly black kitties- and one very fuzzy tuxedo. They were creatively named by Laurie. But soon it became evident that the kittens had given one another ringworm, and that requires lots of special care by a person who can keep them medicated and treated for several months. That is a lot of intensive care, and while Laurie is excellent at the usual rescue kitten mess of diarrhea and viruses and parasites- she can only handle so much. That, combined with the fact that she would be endangering her two resident cats, despite her kitten quarantine, was just too much. And for the first time that I know of, she had to pass the 3 little kittens on to another foster mom. We are all sad because we are all suckers for tiny kittens. Now Laurie has to clean and clean and clean and clean and launder again and again to get rid of the disease that lurks in the kitten room. I don't know the room quarantine time, but I feel sorry for Laurie having to go through so much. It is, however, a reminder to all those nosey parkers who constantly offer advice and take little well meaning swipes at the hard work Laurie does to give people healthy, sociable, loving pets in the form of a tiny 2 pound kitten. Laurie has to tell the truth about all the details of what this fostering involves. It isn't just little kittens crawling on your toes. It is full of hard work and love every day. I hope someone wonderful gets those little kittens. I wasn't adopted until I was 6 months old, and that means I was worse off than the average kitten from the humane society. Hmmmm. Maybe I had ringworm?

Today was the Seahawks game. Of course we went. It was LOUD finally- last time we went the crowd acted half dead. It was a weird game. Russell Wilson really misses his center- who will be out for the season. Poor Wilson got sacked or smashed or chased. I don't' know how he does it. Ryan came over to visit the kitties and watch our tv. He doesn't own a television. That's why he is smart.

Well, I am so tired, and it is 10:00. Tomorrow is clean house and laundry and wash the new dishes. My turducken came on Friday and was stashed in the freezer and I have to get it out to thaw tomorrow. I'm saving the grocery shopping for Tuesday. Then I'm done. Just some veggie prep and chop and I'm ready.  Yay for Thanksgiving!!!!

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