Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17 Day 8 back

Today's big news is Charles Manson back to haunt everyone. He's late because Halloween was a while ago. That's where that story belongs. The woman in question is a 26 year old whack job who evidently is what is politely known as a "fame whore". She's been trying to get Manson freed for 7 years. Or something like that. He is 80. Now this brings up a lot of issues. What the hell are they serving for meals in prison these days? Manson looks well fed, healthy in the body (can't fix his demented mind), and clean. What? Most 80 year old guys don't look healthy and well fed even if they are living in great circumstances. He doesn't even look that old. Guess never having a job can make you look relaxed (but crazy).  He probably hasn't had too much to worry about. Now, I'd suggest he get busy worrying because he really won't live too much longer and there will be a price to be paid. (Let's all root for God here). I've always assumed that people like Manson have no soul at all- that's why their eyes are so dead. He is an empty body- and vicious is what fills the place where his soul would have been. He is 80 and that means it is sort of expected that he could die- hint hint to the wardens. 

Manson is shorter than I am. He is 5'2". Nothing to notice, except for the eyes.  Manson was a criminal born to a criminal. Fatherless. Poorly educated, sexually abused in juvenile detention schools, and by the age of 32, he'd spent half of his life in some form of legal detention or prison. Manson murdered several people before he got around to the LaBianca/Tate murders.  But it signaled the beginning of the end of the free flowing hippie, flower power naivete of the 60s. A crazy man proved that you can't preach love and peace and expect everyone to buy it. Sad. True.

Interestingly, had Manson done this a couple of years earlier, he would have been executed. But the pressure of some vocal anti-death penalty supporters led to California dropping the death penalty. So his death penalty was then converted to life. That's an important word- life. Something Manson didn't believe in. I believe in the death penalty. Because of people like Manson. If he got out tomorrow, he would kill again.

1969 was, of course, 45 years ago. Anyone under the age of maybe 55 doesn't have any real idea of who Charles Manson is. Think about it...the past two generations that know nothing of VietNam, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Chappquiddick,  Bush the elder, and even Clinton. They know nothing. But they read the internet and believe every website lie they find. The internet is their history book.  It is frightening.

If you ever get a chance to REALLY tell your kids and grandkids about that time, you should do it because no one else will. They think Kennedy was a hero. He did nothing really. They think Nixon was a crook- not that he ended the Viet Nam war. They don't even know that it wasn't about the sex with Monica- not at all. So you might get Hillary as the next nominee. Take some time to share the stories. We were there. We know.

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