Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2 Day 94

This picture sums up today:
That is the Seahawks game except the team is hardly the same team with EIGHT players hurt. It is hard to defend a title when your team is unbelievably hurt. They signed people off the street to fill in some of the gaps. But we still won- and it was a nailbiter.

I got Zou and India this hideous toy that Zoubi LOVES. India, as usual, would rather have the black stick and string. The thing on the end of it means nothing.  It is called a Frenzy spider cat toy. And you'd think it was alive and kicking.

The one advantage to planning something that will take you away from home for 6 hours (a seahawks game) is that you don't have time to do anything else. By the time I get up, eat, wash my hair, figure out how many layers and which raincoat to wear, it is time to go. Then clearing out from the stadium and figuring out what is for dinner brings us all the way to 6 pm for a 1:20 game time. Unfortunately, it makes everything a little bit behind- like the drudgery stuff around the house. It still has to get done- just not on Sunday. 

Next week we will miss the home game because we'll be in the car. Day 99 for this blog is obviously FRIDAY. But it will not be. Because I won't be writing anything on Friday or Saturday. I'm taking a break from taking a break. Call it a double break. I don't think I'll even look at facebook until I have done everything I need to do. I have to clear out some sheet music, and I will mail some of it to my friend, Stacie. I doubt she has any idea of how much music I actually have- probably a hundred thousand actual PAGES of sheet music. I kid you not. I have vocal music of ALL kinds, piano, harp, clarinet, guitar, harmonica, banjo, mountain dulcimer. I have entire books of sonatas, fugues, inventions, show tunes, etc,. You name it, I've got it. But I'll pick the unmarked music for Stacie because she wants to use it for crafty stuff.

Well, I have to run. I'm all itchy from my REI warm under clothes- in peacock blue. I got that color so it would look a little seahawky. And it does.

Here is the website for FRENZY cat toys-
enjoy that nightmare.

Brittany Maynard ended her life today. The state of Oregon gave her the medications to do so when the time came that she saw fit. Brittany had terminal brain cancer and was given 6 months to live last April. She had terrible seizures and even worse headaches. She used her remaining time to do her bucket list. But she wanted to die with some dignity- not in intense and unrelenting pain or with brain damage from chronic seizures. As she said, she wasn't actually killing herself- brain cancer was killing her. She was just choosing the way it would end.  Imagine having to make that decision- not out of depression but out of desperation. My graduate degree is in neurological and neurosurgical nursing. And my heart breaks for this woman who will never know so much of what her life could have been- and I feel tremendous relief that she will not go through the terrible end that brain cancer causes. She had to face the worst thing that a human can hear- that there is no hope. Accidents don't give you months and months to know that things will only get worse- those are sudden. Other diseases seem to hold out some hope. But Brittany did not have that gift. And she knew it. So, here is a prayer for the soul of a woman who did what she planned to do in order to spare not just herself, but those who loved her. May her soul rest in a beautiful place of love and peace.

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  1. Such a heartbreaking situation and such a brave thing for someone who was only 29. I hope her family finds peace in knowing the terrible suffering she avoided.