Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19 Day 10 back

Today I had the windows washed on the outside. I'm still pretty able to spray a little windex on the inside- but I don't do ladders. We had a friend who did ladders until he fell on his head and cracked his skull. Now he, like us, hires someone with disability insurance to do it. The windows look good and the gutters are cleaned.  But while they were here, I didn't want to look lazy or anything, so I dragged out all the silver that I still own and decided to polish it. Three hours later I was a little frustrated that I even OWN silver. What is up with people using a metal like silver to make things that are supposed to make entertaining easy? I'm not a queen. I'm not that rich. Why do I have to flash shiny metal around? Now it is easy to be elegant when you entertain without silver. I don't use my china either- why? because I serve food often that requires a sharp knife. I'd almost rather sell it and get plates I could replace.  Ugh.

I touched base with my old friend, Susan, today. Susan and I went to high school together but she dropped off the MAP about a year ago. That is not allowed in my world. She's had quite a busy year and a half and now is moving someplace new. I won't tell her story because it is her story to tell, not mine. But I really wish I lived closer to her. I think it would have been easier for her. She certainly has been MY friend when I needed one.

I have to run to eat dinner- but I might have time to check this for errors later!

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