Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18 Day 9 back

Today I posted a link to a really funny video about southern women. In order to be southern, you have to have been raised in the south, otherwise you do NOT get it.

The fact is, on thing that the video implies is that southern women don't want to have gay children- and that is where I would disagree. I think southern mamas love their babies no matter WHAT. And some of the proudest moms I know have gay sons. Of course, I'm from New Orleans where that sort of situation is not all that rare. So, I do disagree with that part of the video. Otherwise, well- it is spot on. And well acted.

I like being from the south. In fact, the rest of the country seems really boring and bland. People seem a lot ruder in the rest of the country. One of my friends told me that she thought southern people were passive aggressive and insincere. Really? would she rather we be rude assholes like a lot of other areas of the country? People who scream about tolerance tend to be really ugly about the south. And they use the racist terms of "trailer trash" and "rednecks" "white trash" and "hillbilly".  It is kind of funny that the people in the northeast think of themselves as the people who settled this nation. They were actually rather late to that party. The proud people of St Augustine can tell those tardy folks to shut it. I've never understood northern snobbery. What is the point? I've been told that Maine is like the gutter of the nation- but I'd never say that to someone from Maine. Every state has some negative connotation that you can slap on it. The north didn't much allow slavery but you can bet they benefitted from things that southern plantations provided. And most southerners never owned a slave. But boy. oh boy, the self-righteousness of the northeasterners.  And up here, people are too provincial to even say things that make SENSE. I mean, if you are going to insult an entire state, you should have at least VISITED it once in your life.    So if I had to be from anywhere, I would ALWAYS and forever choose to be from the south. *sniff*.

Well, this is very late and I have to get to bed so I will stop. I have no idea why I didn't write earlier! We watched Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz in it. It was so bad that it was almost funny! Save your $5 and don't watch it. Wait for it to be free.

xoxo nighty night......

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