Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6 Day 98

I am going on a small trip for the weekend and I won't be posting an update on Day 99 BECAUSE I'LL BE BUSY. Haha. How ironic is that? I will summarize everything hopefully on Sunday night after the Seahawks game and I'll post pictures, too. I'll have to finish the 99 Days challenge questionnaire. It's been a piece of cake.

Did you watch the CMA's last night? I am not a huge country fan though I do like it, and it is HUGE fun to go line dancing. About 2 years ago, when Alex wasn't as busy, we took line dancing classes in RENTON. To those of you not familiar with the distance from our house to RENTON- well, at rush hour even on back roads, it is a hike. You can look on a map- that little town we drive through to get there, Issaquah (iz-zah-kwah), has a tiny narrow street through its downtown, and at rush hour it is just tedious to drive about 5 blocks.
 But anyhoo, we got there. It was so much fun. But then work intervened. We'll get back there again. We danced only to country music, and it reminded me of why people go to dance barns, drink some beer and dance.  I digress. I was leading up to Vince Gill. He seems to be a very nice man.  advance it to 7 min 20 seconds and watch the last 40 seconds or so. I thought that was pretty funny. What I took away from it was that you can be hugely popular and everyone can give you awards, but well, once you die the weather will determine who shows up at your funeral.  Now I don't think some people got what a humbling remark and statement about fleeting popularity that was, but I laughed out loud. What fun to be human!

I threw an old brown cat bed on the floor upstairs outside our bedroom with the intention of remembering to throw it away since the cats never seemed to like it. They could flip it over and make it look like a walking cat bed with them inside of it, but other than that game, no bueno. But that night, no Zoubi on the bed with us. I got up at 2 am and went looking to make sure she was okay. And there she was, sitting up in her new bed, wondering why I was wandering about in a dark house whispering her name.  So I guess there is one more thing to vacuum around.

Well, I must go do the things that are important for today. I'll check back in on Sunday afternoon. Have a fun weekend!!!!

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