Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4 Day 96

Ah, election day! I've been around for a lot of elections. I don't think I've ever missed one- even back when I had to file absentee. However it comes out, it will be the same. It is politics. They don't really care about any of us but they want the job- it is SWEET to have a political job. Lots of perks and the retirement plans are amazing.

There are so many conundrums in our lives- mostly because we KNOW everything that happens the second it happens. The 6 o'clock news is always late. By hours and hours. We wouldn't be in such a tizzy about everything if we had to read it in a newspaper the next day.  Here's a few of my favorite modern problems:

The world is so crowded we will never fix the environment and we will die of lack of almost everything at some point. Yet we have newborn intensive care units, develop vaccines, feed the starving in Africa and complain about how horrible it is when we don't send aid everywhere.

We scream if someone wants to terminate their own life, but we'll be happy to end the heartbeat of any human who hasn't been born yet.

We don't like fat, but we have grocery stores lined with empty calories of carbs.

We complain about the price of gas but a gallon of Starbucks will run you around $60 or more. (No one goes there for a plain drip coffee).

We complain about people who act like children but we treat children like mature adults allowing them to have what they want without one ounce of effort. They get used to the idea of social welfare.

Speaking of that- people claim to want their kids. But they put them in plastic containers and beat them against their leg as they walk. They put them in ugly slings where the infant can't see their mother or father's faces. They put them in huge strollers and put packages on top of them. They put them on the FLOOR of restaurants while they eat. They bring them to loud movies, loud stadiums and place them in front of loud tvs. Then they complain their kid doesn't have a normal brain- well, brains grow from interaction. Watching their mother's face when she speaks. Observing the world at eye level. Children aren't accessories. Watch a mother cat- she can show people what to do.

People complain about the environment but they smoke. Or run and bike in traffic. Or stroll their children at exhaust pipe level. Brilliant.

OH well. I have a million of them.

I just read that 52% of Seattle is composed of RENTERS. You heard me. Now look, renting is important. No kidding. Houses are expensive and require great upkeep and the taxes go up every year. If I had paid cash for my house in Houston, I would still have had to move because the taxes have skyrocketed to almost 30K a year on  a house that cost me $420,000. Personally, I think you should have a fixed property tax based on your purchase price. Taxing people out of their homes is ridiculous. But renters complain and complain about their rent going up. Well, renters- listen up- your rent goes up so your landlord can PAY the taxes you voted in. Landlords don't vote for higher taxes- renters do. And you renters need to solve for x a little bit better than you do. YOU vote for the social programs and property tax increases. And then your rent goes up. Think about it. I'd rather rent if I could. The upkeep of owning a house is just a pain.

I like that a lot of races are close tonight. They should be close. We are a better society when races are close. We need to keep one another near the middle. They say we are destined to fail as a nation. But I can tell you, what will kill us is believing that all social problems are fixed with money. Because it is usually someone else's money you are taking and if they quit working, there won't be any more. Then you go to a system no one can do well under.

Here's to America! Lots of people vote who have no IDEA who they are voting for. They couldn't pass a civics test for a fourth grader. It is pretty funny. Until you really really think about it!

I have to go fix dinner. Hopefully I can eat a red donut tomorrow. :-) I do like that Primary Colors was on cable the past few days. What a great movie.
That's my advise- go find Primary Colors and watch it again!!!

Stay warm on day 96.

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