Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 14 Day 5 back

I have to say that I hate cold weather. It is weird how you think snow will be magical- an almost warm and mystical experience of fluffiness and hot cocoa. Turns out it is usual a pile of wet mess that turn brown and grey the minute a car drives over it. And it is damn cold. Like sitting in a meat locker cold. I do not get why people want to go skiing. It is hard enough to ice skate in those freezing rinks. But flying down a hillside, with no knowledge of what rocks or branches lie beneath you, knowing that if you lose any control you  might get smashed into by another person or a tree. Well, what is so fun about that?? We came within about a 100 miles of snow today and it probably WILL happen. The little bit we got last year didn't even warrant me shoveling the driveway- all 120 feet of it.  But it is cold here. COLD. Last year I promised myself I wouldn't get cold again. So I bought some flannel lined flannel shirts- you read that right. Fuzzy flannel inside and out. I would have gotten those flannel lined jeans but no self-respecting chubby girl wants to LOOK fat just to be warm. Turns out I look like a lesbian lumberjack in my pink plaid flannelx2 shirt. But that's okay because I'm just joining the crowd here. I'll do anything to keep warm and so will the cats. Last night Zoubi was cold and she stretched out next to my leg sort of hugging it. She kept waking us up to try to figure out what happened to her normally warm little body. India has enough of the chubs and a fluffy fur coat. She's like a cat version of Zsa Zsa Gabor in middle age. She just visits for the scritches and head bonks.  My daughter has her Burmese cat in an actual cat coat and he loves it.

Anyhoo- on the up side, it will warm up about 5-10 degrees at some point. I've totally changed my ideas about some things. I now have a hierarchy of misery that I stick to. Here is some of it:

I'll be okay IF:
the cable stays up
the electricity stays on
the heater works
the fireplace stays on
if I have flannel sheets- not. (Alex won't sleep in flannel sheets.)
the freezer stays up
there is gas for the grill
the flashlights work

you probably see a pattern.

Well, stay warm. Wherever you are. You know, I'm all in favor of the environment being clean and healthy. We've made HUGE strides in that since the 60s. But I am not having problems with global warming. There were big times in human history when it was warm for hundreds of years, and then BAM, freezing for a few hundred years. I'll take the warm any day.

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