Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30 Day 61

Well, today started with this visit to the eye dr because my eyes were all blurry. They've been blurry, but I was going to get a new prescription. Turns out, she says my right eye looks like it has been hit with a sand blaster and it really ought to be hurting the hell out of me. The other one is dry but nothing like the right one. That certainly explains the problem with my blurry eye. This isn't the first time- I have had tear duct plugs in my eyes (no, you can't tell) for about 2 years. I was on restasis for a year and a half, but as usual, when you get better the doctor takes away the drug that MAKES you better. I've never understood it. But I LOVE my eye doctor- she was trained in Houston, and in fact, she trained under my great Houston eye doctor. So, she is very upset that she stopped the restasis.
I'll go back on it. NO big deal- just a daily thing that requires very little effort and has not one side effect other than healing my scratchy eyeball.

Once my pupils stopped being huge and I could read, I was slapped in the face by the crazy Lena Dunham who just wrote a book, and in it claims she was raped. Not on the street or in the woods, but in a bed where she climbed in undressed. At least that is what I think she is saying in her weird narrative. Now keep in mind, Ms Dunham was awake, drunkish, and her partner was also. Able to talk and able to walk. She pulled down her pants to pee in a parking lot (you heard me- she isn't the most delicate of flowers so no surprise there) when her date came over to her. First of all, most guys do NOT want to watch their drunk date pee in a parking lot, let alone a looker like Lena Dunham. But if she DOES that, he probably figures she is waiting for him to make his move because if she was really behaving like she respected herself, she wouldn't be peeing in front of him at all. I digress. From there it goes to what certainly SOUNDS like consensual sex - with Dunham even noticing his condom had escaped to a piece a furniture at some point. Now she believes she was raped. In some sick form of camaraderie with the current "oh that happened to me, too!" female rush to innocence, Dunham has hopped on the convenient memory train.  I truly fear for the young man, who she describes as a Republican because his politics would influence whether or not she was raped, I guess. Dunham, by her actions, was consensual. She doesn't seem to have said a firm NO. She went with him to a bed- she wasn't dragged there.  She took off her clothes. She had sex. She went back to her room and TOLD her roommate, who told her she had been raped because she was not in control of herself and was obviously a victim. Dunham laughed initially at that. Like all rape victims do, you know. Well, maybe her DATE was raped. Maybe HE wasn't in control of himself after the erotic spectacle of seeing that nasty girl peeing in a parking lot. (we won't go into whether or not maybe he was BLIND).  This is crazy land. College kids have sex. Why? Because they are physically ready and biologically programmed to do so. And they are drunk a lot.  This crazy woman now is going to get into some nutso world where women are not responsible for ANYTHING. They can even hop on a guy, strip down, have sex and then claim they were drunk and demented at the time.  I am so sorry for most of the decent and caring young men out there who are just being a willing accomplice when all the right messages are received. And I am ashamed to read something as asinine as this woman's attempt to blame someone else for her sluttiness. If this woman speaks for her generation, then I am shocked at how low women will go to justify their mistakes. Yes, she made a MISTAKE by acting like a whore, and now it is his fault. Disgusting. I'll tell what it does do- it demeans the experiences of women who WERE raped - really raped. Women who were in fear for their lives, or in fear of their date. Dunham is just a whore with an imagination. Too bad.I am so proud of all the girls who wouldn't pee in a parking lot in front of a date. It's a low bar, but there are girls who would never do that.
Well, wasn't THAT the little paragraph!

It was cold and damp today- I am wondering if I should turn on the fire?
I have spent the rest of the day getting yet another email account. Now I have 10. TEN. I can't decide which to use, but I just got one for my DAR friends. I can keep everything in there and not worry about losing it. My POP mail sucks. And I have to PAY for it!!!! I'll take a few months to transfer over and then just forward the account over to whichever account I finally choose. What a chore.

So, in remembrance of the sorry ho's everywhere who blame other people for their behavior and yet see themselves as spectacular and blameless:

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29 Day 60

Today was the day I'd waited for- cool, rainy and sort of darkish. Not winter darkish, but early fall darkish. I promised myself that the first darkish day of fall, I'd thin out my closet and do the hard decisions of getting rid of stuff, etc. So, of course, I went to DSW and bought another pair of sketchers go walks and 6 pairs of over the knee socks. How's that?

This morning I went to a very productive board meeting for my DAR chapter. I just really enjoy doing this. Lanabeth gave me the BEST little ribbon with a tiny DAR charm. It is SO cute. I'd pin it on the cat just to take a picture, but the cat wouldn't get dressed up and I'm too nice to pin it to her fur.

I fully realize that yesterday I asked the unanswerable question: "When does stupid end?"
Today I was reminded of another one: "What the hell is wrong with people?"  Do you not think of that very question quite often? Today a guy in a BMW SUV tried to run me down. In a crosswalk. I can't tell Alex because he is so used to me saying that someone is trying to kill me on the road, that I doubt he'd hear me.  But seriously, the guy was doing about 40 in the Safeway parking lot. He was cutting through from one main road to another and just thought the Safeway parking lot was the place to do it.  I wish I was faster with my camera- I'd have taped him and sent it to the Redmond PD.

One-half of one of my tasks for the 99 days is done. I sent off 22 VHS tapes to be put on DVD and on a hard drive, and today I got them back! hooray! Now I have to send off all of my Houston G&S tapes as soon as I am sure the company did a good job on the first half. If they did, now I can pull the tape out, cut it up, and recycle the plastic VHS cases. No sense in keeping degradable tape in little plastic boxes on two of my book shelves. I'm almost afraid to watch it all. Here is what came back:

Yep- all that.

We just watched Boardwalk Empire- so violent in one scene we both turned away. I get it- Al Capone was a really bad bad bad evilevilevil man. There's plenty more like him, too.

I have to go to the eye doctor in the morning- I think it is definitely time for a new prescription for my poor eyes. I don't know if they are better or worse, or if I just need computer glasses. I don't know. I have to go to bed because I have to wake up early AGAIN tomorrow.

This morning the alarm went off when I was having one of the weirdest dreams of my life. I dreamed I was at the White House having dinner with Barack and Michelle Obama and about 7 Arabs dressed as sheiks. They were telling Obama that the USA owed them military support because the USA is the most powerful country on earth. And I'm thinking, someone bring up DUBAI here. And I was watching Obama eat leg of lamb with his face 1 inch from the plate, making lots of smacky noises, and Michelle Obama was at the HEAD of the table looking at him in a very angry way.  Then the alarm went off.  Boy, I would have loved to have finished that dream. Who knows where THAT came from. In all of my actively dreaming life, I have never once had dinner at the White House with the president. Though one time I did have my late calico, Shenequa Jane, talk to me.  Hmmmmm.

Okedokee- gotta go take a bath and see if I can summon up part deux of that mess of a dream.

I leave you with a song by (who else but) Bad Manners:

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28 Day 59

I'm running late because I had to watch the season finale of Ray Donovan. Best season yet. I'll miss ya, Ray.
Today was a sort of boring day- I did a lot of committee work type stuff and the NYT Xword.
I managed to write a smartass email to some stupid columnist in today's paper who stupidly believes that the Constitution says there is a separation of church and state. WHEN DOES STUPID END? I guess she went to Stupid Website University. Op-ed piece or not, her editor should EDIT her stupidity. I pointed this all out to her.

 But the highlight of the day was going downtown to have dinner with Brian and Liz. Yep, Liz is back from phase 2 of her Santiago De Compestella or whatever it is spelled trek. She's down to the last 200 miles and she'll go finish it later. But boy oh boy- she is really tough to get through that. She looks great, and I am very proud of her. I would not, under any circumstances, since this is all about ME, ever, ever, ever, ever walk over 500 miles. I think my feet would fall off and my body would scream at me for years. Nope. But Liz has some determination in her, and I like that.

I have to get up early for a board meeting, and that is okay except that it is all ready 11:15 here.
The kitties are ready for bed, and they keep trying to head up the stairs without me. They don't make it all the way- they stand on the top step looking at me like I've lost my mind for sitting at the funny glowing box they hate.

So, as they say in the Book of Mormon, tomorrow is a latter day.
See you then!

Since I mentioned it- here's Tomorrow is a Latter Day:

Stunningly, there is a bootleg video of the ENTIRE show with original cast on youtube. How can you not get CAUGHT doing that? Whoa.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27 Day 58

Whew. The trip to Olympia with my buddies, Bronwen and Lanabeth, was a whirlwind. The DAR is the most organized organization ever- at least on the state and national level. Lots of rules and protocol- and lots of ribbons and pins and ritual. I don't ever sleep well in a hotel room without Alex- and this was no exception but I got two good things- the AC cranked down to 67 (even though it was 59 outside) AND the Ryder Cup came on live on NBC at 4 am. I don't watch golf much, but it was pretty entertaining.

George Clooney got married, eh? Well, I hope this accomplished and beautiful 38 year old woman he's bagged enjoys the old man he is rapidly becoming. Yeah, I know, who am I to talk about marrying someone younger. But you know what? I think women age much better than men. We don't get as cranky or look as homeless as some men do as they get older. We hoi polloi don't worry as much about looks, but that woman he is marrying (as far as I can read) is very intelligent, very beautiful and very accomplished. I don't find George that gorgeous- his new teeth have creeped me out and his botox gives him a rather hang dog expression. And I don't find him all that brilliant. He might speak well but he isn't a font of knowledge.  I'll bet she can outthink him. It always cracks me up when a man says "I love how smart she is". Well, that's all and well if the guy is equally smart. But when a woman is really smarter, it becomes some sort of competition and doesn't end well. Good luck, woman with the hard to pronounce name. You are gonna need it. You won't need to wash George's undies or buy his TP or pick up his socks, but you are going to have to start pretending that he is as smart as you are. So again, go get some luck.

Alex took my stitches out where the doctor did my skin biopsy. He was very careful and had never done it before. I think nothing of doing those tasks but they don't teach how to do stitch removal in CS class. These were some teensy little blue stitches. And he did a great job. He did not pinch me. In fact, he is better than the doc's assistant.

We went to see The Skeleton Twins, which will be reviewed on www.flickerchick.com.
And tomorrow, we'll have dinner with Brian and Liz if Liz gets the message on time.

Congrats to the Mariners- they have another day to go. Today was a beautiful day again. It was fun to drive back from Olympia in such good weather.

We drove into Seattle for the movie and dinner and this is what it looked like around 6:30 today.
Nice, huh?

Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26 Day 57

This will be brief because I have to run to Olympia for an overnighter. I've explained to the kitties that they have been fed early, so not to eat it all at one sitting. India is the big eater around here.

I wanted to make sure I wrote something because it is a discipline thing and I know it will be hard to do from my cell phone, so I have to leave in 3 minutes but yet, I consider this important enough to stop and do!

Have a great Friday night. Mine ought to be pretty interesting!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25 Day 56

Ah, today I received not one complaint about yesterday's post. That means no one is reading this!
Alex said "I know a lot of women who were good at math", and I had to defend myself. I didn't say there weren't women who were good at math. I think women who are great at math- as in REAL math- as in Calculus THREE, often do not choose to live the occupations that require it. Most women don't really enjoy sitting alone writing code. They enjoy social interaction. But really, let's be honest, most women don't want to work in CS. IN fact, Ryan had a classmate who was very very smart, got a computer science degree from Stanford, and then went to teach dance instead. See? That is how tech companies have such a low number of women. Ryan took a year long program in game programming taught as a certificate course at UW extension. There were girls in the class in the first quarter because who doesn't want to work in games? Alas, they dropped like flies because game programming is HARD and requires lots of time sitting staring at a computer screen. It isn't that tech doesn't TRY, it is that women don't. Sorry, so it goes.

Okay, I quit talking about it.

I am going to my first Board of Management meeting in Olympia tomorrow. It is for the DAR - but the problem is I don't want to wear my hard won pin. It will tear my knit shirt. So I am going to wear my DAR necklace. I doubt that will fly- I will bring my pin in my purse in case someone complains. I don't even know if that is a big deal or not.

I'll take a few pictures if I remember. 

Today was dark and damp but not all that cold. In New Orleans, people would be wearing sweaters, but in Seattle you get used to it, and it doesn't seem that bad.

I've heard there is an alternative to facebook called ELLO that just came out. Good luck with that. I don't know why someone hasn't done a BETTER facebook. But they haven't. And ELLO doesn't sound any better to me. It looks too boring. More like twitter with no limit on words.

My hubby was parked at a garage at the airport this past weekend and while he was gone, the light fixture above his beautiful car exploded and blew shards of glass and metal into his car and damaged EVERY SINGLE PANEL of the car and cracked the windshield. (If a HUMAN had been standing next to the car, it would have been a hospital visit). We park in this garage all the time just so the car will be protected. Looks like it will take a while to get all of that done. What a mess!!

Tonight is a little video of my godkitty, Wylla, when she actually WAS a tiny kitten. It is very short, but so adorable that it has to make you smile.

I've been confused over Maddie's performance with Sia- Maddie is about 10 or 11 years old. She is stunningly talented- I mean unbelievably talented. She dances with a beautiful ease and emotion. But Sia's song is a sad song about a party girl alcoholic. I am so sure that Maddie should not be the dancer for that- she is a KID.  The refrain is "one two three drink". I love the song- I sing it in the car. And people who never heard of Maddie (as opposed to me who has never missed one episode of Dance Moms) now know her from her performances on almost every show thanks to the song. But whoa- I am just not sure it makes any sense that Chandelier is a song that needs a kid in it! As one reviewer said - he felt like he was going to be arrested watching it. Heh. I get his point.

good night on day 56.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24 Day 55

Today's big deal is all about how tech companies are soooo overloaded with guys- that women are poorly represented. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Let's let Detective Lynn explain this.  Now, I'm as big a supporter of fair treatment for women as ANY HUMAN ON THE PLANET. (read that twice) But let me tell you something you may not know. Being an engineer, especially in computer science, involves very difficult stuff- I'm talking CALCULUS THREE. You effing heard me- calculus three. Never mind calculus one and two, lots of people get that down pat. (Okay, lots is an exaggeration) I'm talking CALCULUS THREE.  Moses wept. I'm sure there are A LOT  of women and men who say "Hey, I'm in Mensa, I'm smart. My IQ is 140.". Well, sure you're smart. But you might not be CALCULUS THREE smart. That is a totally different kind of smart. In fact, anyone who passes calculus three with over an 80 average (on the curve is fine because just getting to enroll in it is an IQ test), is way smarter than you are, but in a different way.  Most college men cannot do it. But those who do get concentrated into tech companies. It is just logical.

Why aren't there more women? Well, because boys do have brains that function differently than women's. That is true. Most boys can't do it even with a boy brain.  A few, rarified women can hack it with the brilliant boys, but you'd be surprised to learn that it isn't easy for most of them either. And they got through calculus two. Of course there are exceptions but this is about a general reason to explain the lack of women in computer science. I'll say here that learning programming isn't always that hard- but most girls would rather be DOING something else. I assure you.

It is HARD to be an engineer. A lot of women would rather major in what I call the soft subjects because they are so EASY for girls- English, History, anything medieval, Social sciences, psychology and Dance. Oh yeah- that is the best one ever.  But when it comes to taking college level physics and mathematics, even very smart girls can suddenly be intimidated OR not want to work that hard. That is a true statement, and I don't care who stands up and screams it isn't. Most of the people who scream it isn't have never tried it themselves. It's all hot air.  Of course, there are girls who are engineers. But not many. And they are in the easier (you know I don't mean EASY as in EASY) engineering professions or they go into computer information technology- which is NOT really engineering.

Most parents of girls would laugh at being told to force their daughters to study advanced math. Even girls who are good at it and find it fun don't want to actually do algorithms for a LIVING! That is the truth. And I am going to stick by it. (exceptions exist, I get it).

And girls- well, they also are a pain in the ass because they want to have babies sometimes. Sorry, someone has to have the future generation and being born female is just your cross to bear. Seriously. I'm not even that sorry about that one because as Whitney said "I believe that children are the future" and if you don't parent them but leave them to others, they won't be engineers like their smart mommy. You might have to be a part-time engineer even if you get through all that math.  BUT,that means, in most tech companies, that women can waltz off into the sunset while other people fill the gap for months. The job will still be there. I'm all in favor of motherhood- but you can't climb the ladder and be fair to your fellow workers if you AREN'T AT WORK.
  But tech companies are so desperate to have women, that every single effort is made to retain them. They are a protected class just because they have a vagina. I'm not kidding you. (in fact, you are a protected class if you don't have a vagina but you want to get one put in).  Nowhere on earth are women employees treated more like goddesses than in the tech industry.  That would be ONE reason to wish I'd been good at Calculus 3, or 2, or hell, even 1. I didn't even try.

Women are 52 % (or close to it) of the population. Lots of those are at either end of the age spectrum, so erase the kids and older women. If we follow the standard IQ curve, maybe 2 per cent of the age eligible women will have any interest in higher level math in college. (Being interested in math in high school is NOT CALCULUS THREE). Well, if that is your daughter, start the PARTAY! Because she will have money thrown at her, have months of protected maternity leave, receive preferential hiring, be harder to fire than the boss's mistress, and can climb the ladder if she has competency.  Send her to a great college and then lean back and start spending your daughter's inheritance because she won't need it. Ever. I don't think that will ever change in this strange world of calling everyone but a white male a protected class. Throughout history everyone wanted a male heir- even the law gave them preference- but no more. If you have one of those gifted girls, get busy.

But don't blame the tech companies. They are doing all they can to find them.

Today's youtube video says it all- even if I have posted it before, it is more relevant now:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23 Day 54

India is feeling chipper today. Last night she slept next to my face, and every now and then, she put her paws on my nose. She is the best cat ever. Little Wylla Stout did well also- so that is great news.

I talked to my cousin, Rosemary, in Louisiana tonight. She fell about 4 weeks ago and didn't break anything, but bruised her tailbone and lower back and cut the back of her ear so badly they had to stitch it up. She is better now and very chatty, which I love. She is about 89 now (technically she is not exactly MY cousin, but close enough).  She is one of my last living relatives from my adoptive family. When I was little, I thought she was really my mother. That was totally wishful thinking on my part. She was so beautiful to me, and her husband was so handsome. I remember how wonderful I thought he was. I didn't see her much once I was in elementary school. I don't know why not. You'd think that Moreauville was a million miles from New Orleans.  When  my adoptive mother was alive and I still lived in Houston, it was so hard for me to get to New Orleans. I always felt my family deserved me first, and if they needed me, I stayed home. Now I realize that is just ridiculous. I could have gone to see my friends and even driven to Moreauville at least once a year easily. Ah well. I still love Rose and I wish she'd been my mother- I've never much made a secret of it.

I tell you, living in this day and age is exhausting. The narcissism and self-righteousness is unparalleled in human history. That used to be limited to a certain level of society- every one else was working too hard to feed their families to get too wrapped up in it. But now- jeez louise- what is WRONG with people? According to the latest bitchfest everyone is against: women, any race that isn't theirs, religion, clean air, clean water, and on and on and on. Every damn day it is something NEW for people to complain about. I still think that humans are not happy unless they are miserable. Evidently now, if you fail, someone else MADE YOU FAIL. They were racist or sexist or elitist or whatever the hell the flavor of the day is. You know what? NEVER EVER will we have an equal world. NEVER. And the more people whine, the worse the world will get. WHY? Because at a certain point, people who have worked very hard (with or without natural talent and vast intelligence or motivation) are REALLY going to not like other  covetous or vengeful people. And odds are, those people are going to be of a different sex, or different race, or different color, or different religion. And since that is easy to go after, humans will.  I always wonder if people think my ancestors came here on some crappy wooden boat that looks like a dinghy, vomiting and losing kids along the way, and were greeted here by smiling people with a welfare system. My family has been here for 400 years, and we are JUST NOW getting successful. My brother and I are the first ones to actually have something that someone else would want. So now, we must be racist assholes for being successful. Thanks.  I'm sick of it. I know so many underachievers- people who could have easily been successful but aren't. But I also know people who cannot overachieve because they aren't smart enough. They can try and try. They won't ever be like me- and I'm only as smart as grad school. The recent studies on preK education sadly show what the OLD studies on headstart did- that, yes, kids do enter kindergarten better able to learn. And they keep it up - but not forever. See- if I wanted to run a 4 minute mile, I could try and try and try and try and try and try. I know I could never do it because I am NOT ABLE. I can't. Period. Everyone hits a wall. Some people hit it in grad school, some people hit it in sixth grade. For some it is science, for some math, for some it is everything.  That's just the way it is. It isn't the fault of someone else- but it is because people are different. Especially in athletic ability and intelligence. I'm going to say it again-that's JUST the way it is. We are NOT all alike. We shouldn't all be paid the same. We shouldn't owe what we have to everyone who complains about us. We should be VERY happy some people are smarter than we are. I am so grateful for the smart people who have made my life what it is. I am grateful to live at the most advanced time in the history of mankind. Because it won't be here forever. I just wish the complainers would spend more time getting educated so they'd know what they are talking about. Then they should shut up and do more with THEIR lives rather than complaining about mine.

Bet you quit reading a paragraph ago! Sorry. Today I am REALLY glad I'm not on facebook.

Here's a little humor where people complain about gifts!

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22 Day 53

Today was a very weird and sometimes somber day. You remember that I could have done the 10K on Sunday but I registered too late and then they put another one on Saturday? Well, yesterday was the other 10K for the people who responded the fastest. And sadly, actually beyond sadly, one of Ryan's friends from his Xbox days, died there. He died near the finish line- actually was kept alive until the hospital but then he couldn't hang on any longer. Ryan's friend was 28 years old. He had a great many friends who have eulogized him on facebook. This is a time it would have been good to be on facebook. I wish I could give his parents a hug. I don't know them, but I have had a 28 year old computer programmer (who is now 34 and fine). I have a son who was friends with their son. So, I feel like they would know how sad I am for them and for their son. Though I am sure that all the young guys who worked with him are stunned, the parents of these young men are stunned to hear the story. We don't have to have known the child- in our hearts, we KNOW the parents. We know how grief stricken they must be and will continue to be- maybe for all of their lives. I hope they find it very touching that their son had so many friends.  Words fail all parents when a child dies. Even when the child is 28.

To help Ryan understand why these things happen, I looked up this very credible article:
Sometimes it helps to understand that it isn't a mystery, and that scientists have cared about it, too. Especially when one is an engineer with a tender heart.

If you are a marathon or half-marathon runner, you might read it.  It isn't a joke and it isn't unusual.
I think that no one ever talks about that part of running.

I had to take India to the vet today. She had many vet visits as a kitten- she was in rough shape. The leftovers from that are the eye irritations from a virus, and these weird little black scabby things around her neck. We don't know yet what those are. SO, she got her antibiotic shot to help clear up her little itchy eyeball, and maybe help out those scabby spots. Good grief! Poor girl. She stayed tucked under my arm and was so sweet and trusting. I love that cat. She is the best cat ever. Today was vet today also for my godkitty, Wylla Stout. She had some teeth cleaning done and now is very spiffy indeed.

Tomorrow Alex will return from Chicago/Wisconsin and I will be happy to see him.

 I've enjoyed watching the Real Housewives 100th anniversary show, however. Small pleasures.

night all!

12/14 Addendum- nothing wrong was found in the system of Ryan's friend- the only culprit was excess caffeine.  Thus making it even more of a tragedy.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21 Day 52

I totally overdid it yesterday! Today it is like my legs are thinking about falling off. But my back is okay and that is great news. Ryan says his ankles hurt like mine do, which is from the uneven path of rocks we were on. If it had been level, I think we'd have come out of it much better. I don't regret it however. Every now and then, it is good to make yourself do something that you don't think you can do. It is different if it is something you SHOULDN'T do, but if you can, you should. Our friend Molly has a motto, If you can, you must.  She is very young and has colon cancer - she is still pushing through it. She used to run marathons, but I think she is doing much shorter things these days when she can. So, really, I should shut up and think of how hard Molly works to stay active. For me, it's just getting out of a chair. And then complaining for a few days.

Leonard Cohen is turning 80, and he says he is going to start smoking again. He's missed smoking for 30 years, but now, he has decided to embrace the things he has enjoyed in his life and not live for some nebulous future. He is, of course, exactly right. There comes a time when you should forget the long term and live every second in the present. (don't forget to PLAN and make a will so that you can die without worrying if your kids are protected).  Leonard is doing what a lot of people do but they won't admit it. I know people who have lived for the present ALL of their lives. It might suit them, but it carries a lot of irresponsibility. So, if I make it to 80, I'm going to be like Leonard. I won't smoke again because I don't want to be tethered to an asthma inhaler, but I certainly won't worry about carbs or every last little suspicious spot on my face or chest from the sun.

The Seahawks won- I thought I'd have an anxiety attack. Peyton Manning had his moment of brilliance but it took him too long. If he'd worked that way all along, he'd have been the hero of Denver. But I'm always glad when the hawks win. They are such a great group.

I'm sort of hoping that all those global warming demonstrators remember to throw away their iphones. iPhone manufacturing is the most polluting, and it is the worst cell phone in terms of the environment. Apple products are the worst. Most expensive, most energy consuming, most wasteful, hog the most cell phone carrier space, etc. And there are better phones out there anyway.

I'll post a picture of the kitties today- they were enjoying the Seahawks game.
I missed our neighborhood party- I just couldn't face standing and sitting with my sore little legs. The sofa was made for me tonight.

They say that today is the last day in the 80s- until next June. OH well, it had to happen sometime and we've had a spectacular summer.

Here's a video of my godkitty , Wylla Stout. She is the most special kitty and this shows that she is very normal in the important cat ways:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20 Day 51

I got up bright and early and donned my spiffy running shoes (which I don't run in) and some comfy clothes, met with Ryan, and we drove off to the wilds of Carnation, Wa to do the Beat the Blerch Run sponsored by Matthew Inman (http://theoatmeal.com/).  Lots of people were there considering that we were the second wave of signers up for this. I tried to sign up for Sunday, the first day it was offered, but by the time I got someone to go with me, Sunday filled up and I got put on a waiting list.
Ryan and I did the 10K.  At the 5K mark were blerches and sasquatch and the most disgustingly wet sofa I've ever been on. It was beer night at the frat house wet. I tried to look sad but it didn't work. I had on my best sun hat because I just had all that stuff burned, frozen and cut off my body and had to protect it. I have on my Tesla tee shirt that I got for supporting the "let's build a goddamn Tesla museum" findraiser. http://theoatmeal.com/blog/musk_tesla_museum  I am sure Elon Musk has more to give than I did.  By the way, 10K is 6.2 miles and we came in at 2 hours. We were NOT in a rush.

And speaking of being in a rush, this race was a marathon. a half marathon and a 10 K.  The 10K group was composed of a lot of varieties of body types, but had some especially hefty people. Ryan and I stayed toward the end because I absolutely refused to try to RUN since I haven't trained at all, and even running a BLOCK can be dangerous if you aren't in that kind of shape. I didn't want some crappy tendon to get inflamed or my back to be miserable. But it seems that Ryan and I were the only ones wanting to walk- at first. I can walk fast. But this was on gravel, little rocks, concrete, etc. I don't want to hurt my ankles either. So Ryan might have been a little disappointed that we seemed to be slower. We were wearing runner's chips so crossing the start line was at our leisure. Imagine my excitement when I saw people start RUNNING in our group. These people should NEVER run. They look like they would be capable of having a heart attack just at the grocery store, let alone on an unlevel hiking path.

So, I just turned to Ryan and said "Don't worry, this running stuff will come to an end VERY shortly", and sure enough, within about 200 yards we passed some bent over gasping people. What did they think? Oh, I know- "If I wear a tutu and buy some great shoes to match, and put some stretch pants in a size 42 on, I will MAGICALLY BEGIN TO BE A RUNNER! I mean, look how EASY those other people do it!".  I'd  say I felt sorry for them, but Ryan and I passed them all up easily by the end of the first hour.

I looked a little tired toward mile 3, and we went past a girl who said "YOU CAN DO THIS". Then she yelled, "I'm only 5 weeks out of radiation and I'm doing it, so YOU CAN". Now, I just hate that kind of stuff.  Not because I am mean spirited toward people who just had radiation, but because it is NONE of my business. I don't want to hear it. That isn't encouragement- and I don't even want someone's encouragement.  So I just said "well, you've got me beat on that one" and kept walking.
WHY do people talk to me? Here's a tip for strangers- radiation or not- leave me alone. There. If you see that girl, please direct her to this.

Tomorrow the Seahawks play Denver. I have no idea what will happen there.

So tonight's song is: Run Away with You

GO Hawks!

Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19 Day 50

Awww, I'm sorry Scotland. And it reminds everyone that just because a majority wins doesn't mean that the minority (which can be as large as 49% of actual voters and more who didn't vote in a lot of elections) should be thought of as finished with the idea. Same thing in the USA. There are always people who are not going to change their minds. I was kind of hoping Scotland could pull it off. They've been stripped of their identity in a lot of ways for several hundred years. I've got some Scottish genes, and I think that is where my feistiness originates.

Today I got up and ventured to Seattle- more specifically to the Green Lake area which always makes me nervous. It has some tricky navigation and wonky streets.  Green Lake has a small lake and no parking because people keep wanting to walk around Green Lake and park on the side streets.  But a PCC (whole foods type store but almost more expensive) built a parking garage a block from where I had to go, and I FOUND IT! Whew. I am going to walk 6 miles with Ryan tomorrow in the Beat the Blerch walk sponsored by the guy who does The Oatmeal comics. I have no idea why I signed us up for that. I must have lost my mind. I went to Green Lake to a sports store for runners in order to pick up our packets because 3,000 people will have to get in lines to do so tomorrow if they don't pick up today. And, we are doing the 10K, so we go off last at 10 am, which means finding parking in tiny Carnation WA might be hard. I can find a million reasons to NOT do a 10K, let alone a half marathon. But then I figured, well, Ryan did the miserably hard Mercer Island one with me (for our friend Molly who has cancer), and this one might be so much easier and he will enjoy it. Ryan is in waaayyy better shape than I am because he uses a walking desk when he is at his computer. He can put up crazy big numbers sometimes. SO, he can drag me to the finish. We MIGHT even quit. I don't know. Depends.

The kitties have been enjoying a spider that has made its home on their picture window to the back yard. It's just a regular old orb spider, I guess. But I'd never wondered before if a spider sleeps- turns out, it sort of does. It will curl its legs in and go dormant or something. It has also eaten a few things. India is the most riveted.

I enlarged the photo - if it was that big, I'd have killed it already. With a shovel,

It looks like Texas is getting some rain- I hope the hill country gets it. It has saddened me to watch this dry period - we know people who had to sell their cattle because of no water. It's a part of the country that can be feast or famine as far as water goes. Maybe Lake Travis will fill back up and the Guadalupe River will have a resurgence.  Here's hoping.

Our cousin is at Texas Tech in Lubbock and it looks like she is getting drenched. We are hoping she is safe and happy.

Today's song is about rain:

See you later!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18 Day 49

Today I went for my yearly visit to my primary care physician. She has been my doctor for 16 years- I picked her off of a postcard at my dentist's office. She was brand spanking new. She did have a PhD in pharmacy- the serious kind, not the drug store kind. She worked in pharma. Then she noticed she was smart enough to go to med school, and she all ready knew all about drugs and the Krebs cycle, so it was easy for her. She is teensy and blonde.  I think medical care in general in this area of the country is really crummy. I was so spoiled in Houston at the medical center- world experts were all around and were actually available. But here, the UW med school grads just don't seem to have that level of expertise. UW med school is not very highly ranked, and it really shows. I try to find doctors who went to places like Tulane Med School, UTexas med school, etc.  I am always surprised at the level of care here even in places where you'd expect more. There is a hospital I won't even ENTER anymore since they missed me having a fractured spine. (Good job, Overlake).  But I sort of like Evergreen Hospital and Evergreen doctors, though my PCP isn't affiliated there. I should switch docs because 10 years ago we moved 10 MILES away from my PCP. But oh well, I have addressed my laziness here on this blog a few times before. But this is probably the most egregious example of it.

   She did have to fry some skin lesions and surgically remove one for biopsy. I ceased being friends with the sun when I was about 17. I just got too sick when I went out in it. My joints would swell and I'd get teensy broken blood vessels called petechia. (puh-tee-key-uh).  I've not stayed out without protection since.  But evidently, those first 17 years must have been spectacular. 

Tomorrow I have to drive into the Green Lake area of Seattle, which makes me a nervous wreck just thinking about it. Ryan and I are doing the Beat the Blearch run in Carnation on Saturday and a few thousand people will be picking up their race day packets tomorrow so they can avoid the Saturday and Sunday lines.  If the line is too long, I'll just come home and then go pick up my packet on race day. I'm assuming they will give them out by length of race- I'm in the SHORTEST one which is over 6 miles. You heard me. SIX miles. But they have cake at 3 miles, so I'll make it. Or at least I'll make it to the CAKE. Then we might go home. There is, after all, a 7 hour limit.

The race is in Carnation, Washington. Yep- Carnation. THE Carnation. Because of the Carnation research dairy farm that may or may not still be there.
It is rural and has about 2000 people. The race will probably have over 6000 people over 2 days. Maybe more. Imagine your little town tripling in size like that. They have a gorgeous park. There are very few unattractive towns in Washington- no kidding. It's like a big movie set.

Well, the only picture I could post would be one of me all full of bandaids and bruises. That's not a good deal. So here is a beautiful picture of Hollis's plumeria:

To send you to sleep, here is the rather adorable Ringo Starr:

I would sing that to my kids. They probably asked me to stop.
I made Alex an entire power point anniversary present once- but I've always loved the illustration I used for the opening. Here it is:
Nighty night.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 17 Day 48

I am just shocked at the child abuse endured by little kids. Some people say emotional abuse is worse than physical, but I'm here to set you straight. Nope. No way. Emotionally abused children (and they are legion because that is the human condition done by parents, sarcastic teachers, religious figures, mean other children, other adults, etc) stand a chance. If they are born with empathy in their soul, they will one day actually be BETTER parents because they don't want their kids to suffer. Emotional abuse can be reasoned out, but physical abuse is no accident. Somehow, someway, we have convinced ourselves that hitting a child for whatever reason is a good way to teach them a lesson. Well if that is true, why can't we let the schools smack them around? Or any other adult they are annoying? Because if that is how they LEARN, then that is what we  should do to them. I can hear some people saying under their breath, Lynn, you are crazy.  You know what? I never learned a THING from the ways my parents punished me except that I didn't trust them and didn't even like them very much. Now, I won't go into it, because it no longer matters, but I learned that I would never, ever treat my children like possessions. I was not my parents possession to do with as they pleased. And I never saw my children as possessions. Why would I smack a little kid just because I gave birth to them? You can call it spanking, but I call it smacking a little kid around. You can say you love your mother, but you know what I think?- I think you would have loved her MORE if she hadn't slapped you or spanked you or called you a name. It is actually unnecessary to do mean things to kids. Most of them love you and trust you to do what is right.  And here's WHY- You are bigger and stronger and smarter than they are. End of story. Pick them up, tuck them under your arm and take them to their rooms and put them in bed. A hundred times over if you must. And tell them when they calm down, things will be better, but you cannot stay for the current disaster because it has made you angry, too. Leave them in a safe place in their room, where hopefully they feel safe, too- and let them regroup. They will regroup. I promise A cold splash of water to the face helps, too- especially if they are screaming like banchees. A child out of control is not taught control by smacking them or worse. 
So, for me, the athletes that have hurt their children with sticks or switches or whatever, or have belittled or starved or burned or whatever- well, they deserve to go to prison. And their children should be taught it was not THEIR fault. They are little kids and grown ups are supposed to know better. If you can find me ONE child who behaved better after a spanking- who learned a lesson from it- I'll buy you a unicorn. Or a mermaid. Take your pick.

I went to the dentist (Dr I Can Make You Look Better and Poorer) today. She was nicer today but she still doesn't LISTEN. God. In the middle of me saying "I think this tooth is..." She starts BLABBING about what she thinks. You know, people who are taking vast amounts of your cash should at least allow you to say why you came there. Sigh.  I survived.

Ryan and I went to lunch AND dinner. He looks a lot more relaxed. I'm sure he IS more relaxed.

I ordered an Orphan Black tee shirt. It just has the bar code with the patent number for the DNA of Cosima. That sentence will mean NOTHING to you if you don't watch Orphan Black.

The salvia hot lips has grown 12 inches this past week. I guess it is just the last gasp. The little hummingbirds better get the message. No more food here after the next few weeks are over.

Here's Ryan looking all rested up at lunch:

Here's a question: If Scotland does split off, will you move there? Think hard. They'll have to do something to get a lot of money into their coffers other than taxation. So that will have to be jobs obtained by luring American businesses over. Let's go!

Today's video:  here is the hot dog eating champion Kobayashi versus a hamster:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16 Day 47

Today I went to lunch with my husband, and then watched 3 episodes in a row of season 2 of Orphan Black. This rush of video bingeing is happening because of the On Demand threat of taking the episodes down in September. We have 2 weeks to watch the rest of season 2, and I think we both agree that we would be really sad if we didn't and the show was removed. So binge watching it is. It is a 1 hour show with commercials, and 48 minutes if you zip through the commercials. I just love it but the downside is that once we are caught UP, then when season 3 starts, we are stuck watching it one week at a time. Pfffft.

I've been rewatching the Super Bowl from last year. For lots of reasons. One, to feel better about last week's loss and, two, to enjoy Bruno Mars. I knew every song he did, and I really enjoy him. Something about him seems very New Orleans 1965 to me.

I see that California is now making a law that a car has to be 3 feet from a bicyclist. That is hilarious. Sorry- cars have ALOT of things to watch out for- mostly other cars and up here, impaired drivers. So now, I have to pretend I KNOW when a bicyclist is going to veer left or right and I have to be sure to avoid them by 3 feet? I guess I just won't drive in California. Idiots. The whole concept of bicyclists having a right of way in what is basically a very dangerous situation in which they are the ones who will be killed, well, it is just stupid. I don't get it- it is NOT good for your health to go around riding a bicycle in the city. Just like it is awful for children in strollers at exhaust pipe level. My idea of a horrible nightmare would be hitting a human being with my car- it would never, ever be something I could recover from. I never intend to do it, but I also know that I have no way of knowing when a bike is coming up on me much less judging 3 feet. And being up here in bicycle central, I can assure you that I see bicyclist break the law far more than people in cars do.

And on the up side, I got some new sweatshirts on amazon that cost less then $20 and they are in great bright colors.  See? It is easy to cheer up when you have very simple needs.

Today's video is the adorable Langston von Tussle of Tacoma getting groomed by the very experienced foster momcat, Charlene Butterbean:


Would that it was that easy, eh?

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15 Day 46

Hmmm, turns out I'm not cleaning out many closets, drawers or cabinets. What's up with that? I thought that SURELY this house would be totally picked up and cleaned out, and maybe even have a little updating here and there. But nope. I'm sort of caught up with company for the summer, so late September and the month of October are going to be busy with me hopefully working on the closets. I can't very well blame facebook for the crammed closet in my room.
Or can I? Hmmmm.

So, today I have been gobsmacked by the reaction to Miss America having sung "Happy" while smacking on some red plastic cup while sitting on the stage. When I was in college, a girl across the hall named Judy became Miss America for jumping on a trampoline. She wasn't that pretty, or even that good at the trampoline, but she was DIFFERENT. She stood out. Not just because she had platinumish hair. But because no one in the history of that pageant had ever jumped on a trampoline. The judges remembered her. So I'm thinking that Miss New York looks very confident in that video of her smacking the stage and singing "Happy" while looking like a relaxed and, well, happy girl showing her friends her ability to chew gum and rub her tummy counter clockwise at the same time.

 It is about damn time that the Miss America contestants come up with something other than dancing, playing piano, singing some aria that wouldn't get them past the first round of the Met auditions, baton twirling, and the forever godforsaken talent of ventriloquism. I tell you, every time I see some gorgeous woman with her hand shoved up a dummy's rear, I wonder what has possessed them. All of them. But evidently, all those tolerant and loving little teen agers out there who hate bullies and think everyone should be accepted, are all over twitter bitching about Miss New York and her red cup because they think she is an untalented, not so pretty, crummy singing, imposter.

 SO, in the interest of accurate reporting, I went to youtube and dug up that gem of a performance and here is my take: BRAVO blondie, you did something not one other of those tight panty women would think of doing. You sat your skinny butt down on the filthy stage, tapped on a cup and sang your little heart out. I'm saying that sincerity and originality should beat the common place EVERY SINGLE time. I hope next year there's a woman who cuts out a 300 piece string of those Mexican fiesta decorations with one cut. I'll stand up and scream "YES YES YES!!! YOU WIN!".  I'm sorry so many people have decided to speak out against Miss New York. What did she ever do to them?  Frankly, she looks so thin that I'm sort of surprised she made it through the routine without fainting. But she DID. And she WON. Too bad for all the hypocritical girls who have taken her cup performance on as a cause, because though they probably have no talent, no figure for a bathing suit and no competitive spirit, they evidently do have a jealous heart.  And by the way, she WAS on pitch and her voice was just fine. The other girls were no better than the thousands of other girls who apply themselves to music or dance. But singing in time, on pitch, while banging on a plastic cup- well, that is something else. Congratulations Miss New York for using a red cup for something other than beer pong.

And here she is:

and here is the Urban Dictionary definition of red cup:
Red Cup Pictures are photos, traditionally appearing on Facebook, which generally depict some sort of partying. The etymology of the term comes from the fact that most of these photos show one or more people holding red plastic disposable cups which are commonly used for alcoholic beverages at youth gatherings.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14 Day 45

Today was a little bit of everything. Beautiful weather again. Lunch was a hot dog, so it would at least feel like we were really at the Seahawks game. The game made me a little sad- I know how hard Russell Wilson plans. But you know, the best laid plans........ We lost 3 games last year and well, maybe we will again this year. Who knows? But honestly, I'd never noticed the San Diego quarterback and something deep inside of me really didn't like him. You know how that goes- you meet someone, or not (in this case), and something about them just really makes you not want to know them. His name is Philip Rivers. I guess I should know that but I don't. In fact, I know San Diego is a good team, and they've been predicted to make it to the playoffs. But I'd rather be in the same room with Russell Wilson any day.

After the game, we went to eat steak in Snoqualmie, Washington, because it is really close to the casino where we were going to see Kathleen Madigan. I love Kathleen Madigan. I think I could do most of her routines if there were such a thing as a Kathleen Madigan comedy contest. She had one routine about car seats that I didn't think was too funny, but the rest was right up my comedic alley. I would think everyone knows who she is- and knows at least half of her routines.  We sat next to a huge woman who talked out loud (we were in the second row) and repeated the punch lines, and we sat in front of a woman who repeated lines and had the weirdest laugh I've ever heard. If people ever tell you that you have an annoying laugh- believe them. I've gone through phases of that myself. But no laugh I've ever laughed was like this woman. I'd have said something to her, but she pretty much was too drunk if not mentally impaired in some way. My college roommate had a great laugh. I'd know her anywhere.

So, Alex and I tried to concentrate on Kathleen. I imagine most standup comedians are like that- drunken idiots and people who have weird fascinations with them come to their shows and the poor comic has to deal with it. Comedians are true performers- unlike most film actors. Comedians get one chance, and they have to do it face to face- no retakes. It isn't even like theatrical actors- if you make noise in a theater, you get the boot. But comedy clubs (or places that substitute for them) don't throw you out for just being loud and repeating lines. The woman next to Alex was so fat that she didn't fit in her seat at all and was half on his side, and fortunately, we could move down. She moved down, too, but she did a better job of fitting in our two seats than she did in one. I'm sorry if that offends some of you- but if you are heavy, buy two seats, because if you don't, you wind up being the problem of the poor stranger who paid for a seat and would like the actual air space above it for their own body. And that can make some person damn uncomfortable while the fat person is doing just great.

Anyhoo, Kathleen looked a little weary. I can't imagine what that life is like- on the road, eating casino and club food, and probably being alone.  I hope she's happy. She is not the mean kind of comic, and she should be rewarded for being clever. Ironically, she made a joke about eating a hot dog and a steak on the same day, which is exactly what Alex and I did today. Don't worry, if I have to, one day, I'll pay for two seats.

So, here is a youtube video of Kathleen for you tonight:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 13 Day 44

Here it is, day 44, and I hardly ever think about Facebook except for remembering that there is a reason I must post something every day. It is more than discipline, it is a way to remember that there was a time when I actually HAD a blog that thousands of people saw. I had time to actually make it funny and interesting. I was so upset when it was hijacked- it was as if I had been assaulted in some way. It reminded me of when textamerica disappeared- just disappeared. No one could find it. It just went away- and with it went all of my photos from my envy2 cell phone. Sure, they were crappy photos- fuzzy and grainy. But they were not replaceable. It was a sad and good lesson to learn. Free internet will go away one day because advertising may not be able to support it. So make sure you pay a little to store your stuff. It CAN go away.

I've looked forward to today for a couple of weeks because that's about how long I've known that Ann from Houston was coming to visit. I love it when someone from my old stomping grounds comes up this way. This is "trick the tourists" season here in Seattle. I'm always entertained when people say "how could you ever leave here- it is so beautiful, and the weather is perfect". Hehheh. It's like going to Whistler during ski season and thinking you can always ski there. But worse- waaaaay worse. It can be so gray and dreary and the days can get so short that there seems to be no purpose in waking up. Or making a bed.  The cats spend 8 months in front of a fire sleeping. I spend 8 months putting Crisco (solid) shortening on my cheeks to keep the skin from peeling off. But it is okay if Ann wants to take that lovely idea home to Texas with her.

 Ann is so familiar to me- I've been friends with her for 29 years. Since Ryan went to SJS for kindergarten with her son, Andrew. She is a very accomplished person and I really enjoy hearing from her. Since she was very busy with her sick friend, she couldn't get away during the week but today was say goodbye time, and I had to grab my 2 hours with her by driving to Burien and eating with her in a cute  little coffee shop. She looks great:
She really liked it here but maybe she'll come back in the late FALL, or better yet, February, and see that it isn't all sunshine and roses up here. 

I've been up here long enough to have had several non-family Houston friends come visit. I so love that. I guess we all have some dream of being where we aren't right now. I'd rather be in Houston. Even in the summer.

We went to see The Drop- now known as James Gandolfini's last film. It was pretty good. The writer was the same guy who did Gone Baby Gone, so if you didn't like THAT movie, you won't like this.
We were in a mostly empty theater, which is too bad. It is definitely worth seeing. A somber film, and, in the end, there is a finality to it that makes you realize there will be no more movies with Jimmy in it. There is a cute little pit bull puppy in it. Almost makes you want to run out and get a pit bull. Or not.

So, tomorrow we will watch the Hawks stomp some other team and then go see Kathleen Madigan- who is not a mean female comedian. Yet she is very funny.

Today's music (which I sing in traffic all the time)  fits the kind of friends I know. I dedicate this post to  Ann: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJYXItns2ik

Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12 Day 43

Today I got an allergy shot, a haircut (2.5 inches) and watched the first episode of season 2 of Orphan Black. I just LOVE that show. It's like a soap opera in that it moves at a clip and a half- the story is just interesting enough. I know they've renewed it, so season 3 will start probably in the spring? It is a BBC program, so who knows.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my friend, Ann, from Houston. She is up here helping a friend who is ill and needs tending. She's known her friend since 5th grade, and there are several other women who are in this group of friends, and they are all helping their sick friend go through chemo and tube feedings.  Don't we all wish we had friends like that? I am so proud of them. It isn't easy to even watch a friend go through such a hard time, but to come and stay for a week, in rotation, to help her, well- she must also be a very special person.

I haven't heard a peep from Ryan- he is so buried with work at Bungie. But I'm sure he is happy. He loves his job. Nothing could be better than to be not only great at your job, but also loving what you do. I haven't really had that. I liked my job, but then I left it for grad school and God knows that was not the best decision of my life. Because I really hated grad school!

This is quick because I have to get to bed so I can make the drive toward Tacoma tomorrow. So nighty night and if you have on demand, watch Orphan Black. It's fun.

 Tonight's video: a summary of the clones in Orphan Black

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11 Day 42

Of course, today is a day of remembrance. Just like most of the days that are etched into our collective memories- particularly if we are of a certain age. My adoptive mother (born in 1909)remembers the stories of her grandfather coming home from Andersonville Prison after the Civil War and no one recognized him.  I realize that my childhood put me  near to World War II and the Korean War. My brother went to Viet Nam. My cousin was in the Gulf War. My niece was in the Pentagon building on 9/11.  And one day, we will have yet another date to remember. I have so much heartache for the people who died on 9/11. So I said my prayers today.

There is a bit of press today for the surviving golden retriever who searched for people in the rubble. She is a beautiful dog still, with the very sophisticated name of Bretagne. I would say there are two tests to see if someone will have a criminal future: Put a golden retriever puppy in their arms and see how they react. And then watch them with a kitten.  Any sign of disinterest or disgust, and we ship them off to prison. Right then and there. Golden retrievers are such wonderful dogs. And kittens like them, too.

I'm making soup for dinner. That makes absolutely NO sense. Soup is really a winter food and sort of a staple in our home. But something inside of me decided September was the start date. It'll be 80 tomorrow.

Our paper today had a headline about the Gates Foundation pouring $50 million into Ebola. You know, I sure wish they would have hired me when they first started throwing huge amounts of money into third world countries only to have their efforts wind up benefitting dictators and thugs. If you want to help a country, you give the money to a non-profit group that knows what to do and how to manage medical workers. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/africas-stolen-medicine/article621898/  See? it only took me a second to find someone who agrees with me. I didn't learn that from the media; I just knew it would pan out that way.  Gates has lived a life of extraordinary protection- and it makes him very naïve. And in Seattle, a lot of people are beyond naïve bordering on bizarre. They think that 3 or 4 verses of Kumbaya and a Coke will make all the bad people happy. We are just mean people.  There are people in Africa putting GUNS into the hands of 4 year olds. Our children are taught to share and be nice and polite. It isn't reality. Humans are not only tribal, but we aren't that far away from our animal instincts to protect what we have and to dominate the weak.

I don't get it- how can such smart and generous people not see a hard and realistic version of the world? We always kid around that if there was an apocalypse, we'd find the house of the nearest Mormon because that is where all the supplies are.  Okay, we're half kidding. That's just basic survival. People who want power will steal ANYTHING that might give their victims enough strength to rise up against them. They will be violent and intimidating and steal what they can sell on a black market.  There is no guaranteed line of succession when a leader dies. The biggest thug wins. For FREE I would have told Gates that. But he has that kind of thinking that leads him to believe that he has only been "lucky" and "fortunate". Which is absolutely ridiculous. He is intelligent and motivated. Not lucky and fortunate. Luck does not exist. It is a cheap way to explain something that evidently he can't understand.   I'm just saying- I could have saved him a lot of time and money if he had just given me a call. Who knows what this next mess will do?  Sometimes I think nature is finally done with us- she makes her diseases incurable and then all the people who scream about birth control and overpopulation act like they didn't mean for someone to actually DIE to lower the population!  The most practical person I ever knew once said "Mother Nature is a bitch- she will kill you if she can". Maybe that should be the world's motto.

Well, time to go put chicken in the soup. Here are two pictures from today- India in the sun and my eyeball in the sun. You know- anything to keep from vacuuming.

Today's song:
We bought the world a Coke and now they have diabetes and bad teeth!

today a teacher found a kitten the way India was found- in her car engine. She passed the test for not going to prison(see above for the kindness test). She is going to keep it. Sweet, huh?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10 Day 41

Ahhhh, today was a little more relaxed. We have a new Xbox One- to go with the other one, I guess. See, it's like this- Destiny really needs the Xbox One. Unfortunately for all of us, the one we have is downstairs where I am all day long. Now, I'm not too curmudgeonly about video games- after all, this game in particular will feed Ryan for a long time. My brother taught me about product loyalty, which I have no problem with because I like Budweiser. We are a Microsoft household- including cell phones and video games- because Microsoft feeds us and most of our friends. No problem. But when I might be forced to watch Dance Moms or Real Housewives of Orange County or ANTM or Dateline upstairs because the downstairs tv is all full of monsters and aliens, wellllll, that goes too far.
We have 2 other Xbox 360s. Mine is the Star Wars version, and the other is ancient. Either way, no Bueno for the Destiny game.   So, today, Alex went to the Microsoft store and got another Xbox One.
The weirdest thing about the Xbox One is that it comes with a Kinect (we now have 4 kinects) and when I walk past it, a little pop up comes up with my avatar and the message "Hello Lynn". Which creeps me out no end. It is really a little too much for me, though I am getting used to it.
It also is interesting to know that I have NEVER EVER ONCE turned on an Xbox and made it play a game. NOT once. And you can back that up allllll the way to the Atari and Intellivision. I think I did play the Intellivision a few times. I failed miserably at Burger Time, which my then 4 year old thought was hilarious and showed my incompetence.

I got the cats a new thing to rest their bones upon. They've been on two cat cushions that were next to each other and invariably one cat (Zoubi) would claim ownership of it all and then push the cushions around. So I had a light bulb appear over my head, and I was at amazon in two seconds ordering a regular bench cushion. India is THRILLED. No one can play the domination game with her anymore- at least not on the cushion.

Here is a picture of the cats watching Destiny:

My car finally hit 5,000 miles. I've had it for 2 years. I guess I'm not responsible for all that global warming now, am I?

Today's video/song is about being warm. We are about to zoom back into the 80 degree range for a bit. Speaking of things in the 80s, while you watch, I'm sure I can hear you thinking "Jeez louise, and I thought I was old". I felt like I was watching someone almost die in this video but I posted it anyway.

September 9 Day 40

I'm posting this in the morning from last night- I was just too tired when I got home.
Day 40 was great!  I had a lot of stuff to do- involving mailing a package to my darling cousin, Kirby, who is far away in Texas but is having an exciting time because first semester of freshmen year is SO much fun.  But she still might need some more cheese bunnies to ease the transition.  My husband's family is my family, you know?

Then I drove out to Issaquah to pick up some stuff I needed. So I was using  up plenty of time on that venture. Issaquah (pronounced Isss-ahh- qwah), round trip, is about 30 minutes from my house. Why do I dread the trip? Because there is NO WAY to get there other than either a lazy drive down Lake Sammamish for 8 miles, or a hair raising trip over the Sammamish plateau where there are several elementary, middle and high schools jamming it all up and 2 lanes of traffic in parts.  So, I always plan for it as if it was a road trip to a foreign country.

I had a DAR meeting that I arrived for at 4:45 to try to help set up. Everyone somehow beats me to it, though. I met a couple of great women who were our guest speakers from Alabama from the Kate Duncan Smith DAR school.  They were fantastic speakers and great for us to hear because the Cascade chapter supports Kate Duncan Smith. I am still learning the ropes in my chapter but I am so proud to be part of an organization that does so much to help veterans and DAR schools. I got to be the person who introduced the speakers, and I really felt like I knew them because I DID practice a few times. I think I need new glasses. I missed a couple of words on my intro, and since I don't embarrass easily, it didn't bother me. But my eyes DO bother me. Guess I'll make another appointment to the plethora of fall checkups I get! Still, last night was just a great program.

By the time I got home at 10 pm, I just didn't have any brain waves left, so here is the day 40 update!
Gotta go clean parts of the house, now. I see Halloween costume commercials on tv right now, so I'll post a picture of a past Halloween costume epic from a few years ago: (and I'll write more tonight because I will NOT miss a day!)

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8 Day 39

Suanna has left the building. I've done 5 loads of laundry catching up with myself. The kitties act like they are on sleeping pills, and it is very quiet around here. We had a great time with Suanna- I think we stayed reasonably busy. The kitties loved her, and they (like us) miss her all ready! But they are so tired that I imagine they are just dreaming of her now.

Today, I am thinking of Ryan since he is having a great day. I just know he is. He has worked for several years on Destiny, and he will be at work now for 7 days straight. Everyone who is involved with keeping the servers up and games working is going to be at work. It is exciting for us, too, since it will be all over the local news. The launch starts at midnight somewhere, then works its way around the globe. I have no idea how that is done, but I know it will be a lot of excitement for his group.

I have been shocked by the violence on the Rice video. How can he be out walking around? When a huge football type player punches a woman, that seems to me to be attempted murder. He knocked her out cold then sort of dragged her off the elevator. How scary is that? I can't believe that he is only on suspension. Really? It is way past time to stop that kind of stuff and go with long sentences in prison.

Seattle is going to have to close down some waterfront shops and restaurants so they can build a new seawall. The old one is a hundred years old, and it seems that isn't a good situation.
The city is paying off some of the businesses but not all. I assume that's a real dilemma. So if I were you, I wouldn't come to Seattle for a while. Between the tunnel digging and the sea wall fixing, it just won't be a lot of fun.

Here are the kitties recovering from all the activity:
The news is talking about Destiny. I think I'll take pictures.

the EMP will be made into a Bungie environment from the game, but Ryan won't be there because
he is at work.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7 Day 38

I'm tired!

We got up this morning and dilly dallied over breakfast, and then made the decision to go to the iPic and see The 100 foot Walk, or something that is an awful lot like that title, (I may or may not have just made it up). I think Suanna enjoyed it because the iPic is very comfortable, and she got to have a Panini while watching a movie about Indian and French food.

We picked up a half dozen cupcakes for dessert (and  had 2 left over) for Ryan to help celebrate his entire upcoming week during which he will be virtually living at Bungie working during the release of the game Destiny.  It's like getting an Olympic gold medal for everyone there. Lots of game stores are having release parties. So I took pictures of that.

Alex fixed lamb for dinner, I did the dishes, we played 13 again, I lost, and then it was time for everyone but me to go to bed. Because I cannot miss ONE DAY of this blog. But it is nice to be very busy and almost not do it. India is the only one up with me.

I have no idea what happened in the world today, so I feel very protected. I am pretty happy about that.

Tomorrow morning Suanna goes back to Houston, and we will miss her. We always miss her, but it is more acute when she has been here. The kitties will also wonder where their friend has gone.

I'll post some pictures but no video or music today. Probably tomorrow.

Nighty night!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 6 Day 37

Today was adventure day. We went to Kirkland to eat at Beach Café and then took a walk. Since it was 83 and very sunny, it was great for pictures, but not good for human mushroom skin. I had on a hat and a jacket, etc. But I would not be surprised if the sun monster got me on the ankles.

Then we drove over to Microsoft and went into Studio C in the lobby only. But Suanna was held up by the Halo characters:

We walked around in Kirkland, so here are those pictures- fall hydrangeas and a waterfront sculpture.

Then we all went home and took a NAP. Ryan is going to be on call for the Bungie game launch starting Monday, so we are taking advantage of his last availability!  We went to Lola for Mediterranean food and then came home and played "13"- or as it is usually called, "the game Lynn never wins". But guess what? I have broken my 16 year losing streak by winning TONIGHT. Oh yeah, I am doing great.  After a victory dance to the artfully hummed tune of Tijuana Taxi, I will now go to bed.

Have a great Sunday. We are having fun without Facebook on Day 37.

Today's song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfG5Nftpp4I 

Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5 Day 36

Today Suanna and I got to do a whole lot of catching up. Usually we only see one another at Christmas when so much is going on that we don't have time to talk. But today we sat around and chatted for a long time, and now I think we are all up to date.
Zoubi and India have taken quite a shine to Suanna. They didn't question her ability to walk right into the house and settle in. This is good because Zoubi has hissed at people twice in her life (for no good reason since they weren't burglars or dogs), and we had some concern that this was signaling a change in her winsome but domineering personality. She actually visited Suanna in the guest room, so I am sure no hissing will happen. India is just India. Sweet and fluffy and willing to follow Zoubi wherever she goes.
We went to Seastar and brought Ryan along for dinner. That is the best seafood on the Eastside, in my opinion. I am stuffed, however. Which means I won't make it through Dateline at midnight.

Here is a great picture of Ryan with Suanna. Suanna has known Ryan since he was 14. I guess he's really grown up now. Ryan loves Alex's family. It is nice he has that link. Cute, eh?

Today's photo:
It's time for bed. I'm really sleepy due to my long day of talking. (Suanna is probably had a long day of listening).
This is the litter of the baby Lamm kittens. Zoubi was formerly Zelda Lamm. This little video brings teensy tears to my eyes, because not many people ever see videos of their kitty as a teensy kitten. I love the little folkish song that Laurie put the video, too. Every one loved the Lamm litter, and we are so blessed to have our little Zoubisou Marie.  Get a rescue kitten. They are just a beautiful and often a lot healthier.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 4 Day 35

Wohoo times two!

First, despite incredibly miserable traffic (2 hours to get to the airport which is normally a 30 minute trip), Suanna is here and settled in. We ate salmon, watched the Seahawks perform what Alex calls an "asswhipping" on the Green Bay team who deserved to lose because of their very ugly uniforms, then played 3 rounds of TIMELINE.

Second, the Hawks won. (see above) I really didn't worry much about them losing since Russell Wilson really is a force - he is so focused and so riveted on the game and the plays. His team is so talented. I did worry about that huge dude that looked like a refrigerator and could hardly be brought down (Lacey) on the other team, but termites can bring down a two story house, so persistence is key.
(Wow, that was weird).

I am wearing my Richard Sherman official jersey- it is about 4 sizes too big so that I can pack stuff on under it. Since I wasn't AT the game, I didn't have to pack anything into it other than me.

Tomorrow, Suanna and I will find something fun to do. Then we'll meet up at Seastar. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. My Auntie Suanna is very entertaining.

The kitties are in love with Suanna all ready. Not one hiss (from Zoubi) and Suanna won over India Rose by respecting her iMac bed. I just don't want Suanna to trip over one of them. India is a perfect match for Brazilian cherry.

Have a great Friday.....