Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1 Day One

I started out the day without facebook for the first time. My computer has been moved from the kitchen counter to the kitchen table. My cats think this is fantastic since they share a bed in the sunlight that falls on the kitchen table. I get to sit down now- I always stand at the kitchen counter, so it is sort of a treat.  I didn't even check my mail until 10:30am.  For once, I didn't RUSH around trying to get  to my allergy shot on time.  Best of all, I didn't face the day with posts that set my teeth on edge. In general, it was pretty nice.

What did I get done today? Well, it reminds me of what I would say when people would say, what do you do without a job and kids? And my answer was always, I do the same things I did before but slower and with more consideration. I no longer rush.  So that is what I'd say about this- I do virtually everything I did before but without running over to see what someone posted. I think I will eventually get used to a feeling of peacefulness when I can shake off the feeling of being responsible for all the misery in the world.

Other than doing the usual things- I got to my allergy shot by 9am- a miracle and maybe the earliest I've shown up there ever. I finally got an empty ink cartridge back to Staples to get the recycling credit. I went to the grocery store. I read a couple of magazines. I bounced on my rebounder for 30 minutes, and sat on my balance ball to watch the NOVA show about how people survived the Japanese tsunami and why that tsunami was different. I got ready to go out, and in a half hour, Al should be home and we will go see Get On Up at the IPic theater in Redmond. 

I'd like to say I did more, but I really didn't. I thought a lot about how many closets and cabinets I will get cleaned out. I have about 30 VHS tapes I need to transfer to DVD. I've put that off for so long that my first transfer system is now obsolete and my second is getting there!  I need to touch up some paint here and there. And we have all sorts of company coming over the next 6 weeks.

No noise from the internet. All is well.

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