Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27 Day 27

Day 27.
Here's today's song-The Hymn of Acxiom and its another Vienna Teng original.

It is beautiful and reminds me of some sort of weird Arvo Pärt composition if he could slip into easy melody once in a while. But I'll just bet Vienna Teng (nee Cynthia Yih Shih) has warbled a little Arvo Pärt  in her 35 years. It shows. But Acxiom is actually one of those "steal your preferences" data collection people- and Teng would know all that because she not only majored in computer science, but worked for Cisco. Basically, Acxiom knows more about you than you do.

While I do love a Vienna Teng song, the song she sings called "In the 99" relates to some sort of dislike of 1 percenters. First of all, Ms Teng is THIRTY FIVE. She went to STANFORD. She majored in computer science. All of this could combine forces to place Ms Teng into the top 1 percent rather easily. She is from Saratoga, California that has a 2% unemployment rates, borders Silicon Valley, is the most expensive suburb in the state of California and 18th in the United States. Sooooooo, I'm thinking Ms Teng (aka Cynthia Sheh) is probably from a family of the 1 percent. Instead of being grateful, it appears she would rather act as if she is not a very, very privileged human being.  Why do people with money and education always act like they'd rather not have those things? But I'll listen to her songs anyway. I would encourage her to stop reducing the population to percentages. The 1% doesn't bother me. I know some of them and have found them to be generous to a fault.  I'll just ignore some of the lyrics.

Another beautiful day in Seattle- I cannot complain. The little hummingbird that loves to stare at the kitties and hovers about 1 inch from the window has come with great regularity. Somehow I cannot manage to have the camera ready for her. I'm saying it is a girl bird because she is so persistent.
The kitties don't even chitter at her anymore- they just return the favor and stare at her.

Today someone stole a SUV in Seattle that had a 10 month old in it. I'm guessing that guy thought , "Cool- a black SUV", jumped in and stole it, and then got a block or so and heard a noise. Then he said "Is that a BABY? I stole a BABY? Isn't kidnapping a federal offense?" Then he had a few blocks of panic, and finally had the common sense to park the van in the middle of the street and RUN. He didn't actually park the SUV- he just hopped out, engine running, car in neutral.  The police got him, but I'd have paid good money to have been able to watch him on a dash cam during that. Since NO ONE has mentioned carjacking, I am wondering if the parents, in the ongoing theme of "babies are accessories", left the kid in the car (and evidently they'll never live that down).

I don't have a picture today. I was at a DAR board meeting this morning and ran an errand out to Bothell this afternoon. No pictures. Just the above song.
Have a lovely evening.
I'm going to eat a sandwich for dinner because Alex is at work.
See you tomorrow.

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