Friday, August 15, 2014

August 15 Day 15

Our friends came over to the eastside yesterday and the guys played golf, and the kids and their mom spent the afternoon with me and the kitties, and  we also took a little trip to Snoqualmie to see the falls.

I don't have young children, so I am always at a loss as to what to do to keep them entertained. I don't have a playroom or a child who can offer sage advice.  I know a 30 minute drive to Snoqualmie seems like a 30 hour drive to the kids in the back seat. But they held up well. The cats expended a fair amount of energy hiding and wondering what the little thundering herd was that kept looking under the beds and using their toys. In fact, both kitties are sound asleep here at 10 am- they didn't get up this morning!

One thing women have trouble with is deciding what is, or isn't, gossip. I don't like gossip per se. I don't have friends who do that. There is such a fine line between a response to a question with an honest and reasonable reply and saying things that can cause harm. I feel my heart beat faster while I think about "what do I say here that is okay"? And it is always interesting when I'm with a friend and we are really simply sharing "let's catch up" stuff.  No one wants to be the one who is like Tamra on Real Housewives of Orange County (yes, I've seen every episode).  Tamra takes sensitive private information and repeats to whomever is sitting in front of her  just to show that she knows more than anyone. Nothing beneficial comes of any of that sharing. Tamra is the pot stirrer who suddenly becomes an innocent and wrongly accused friend when it comes time to defend herself.   I'd think it would be the goal of anyone to not be like Tamra.  The last thing you want to be in life is a trouble maker. The problem comes when you have to take a deep breath and decide "is what's about to come out of my mouth just a mean violation of a confidence I should never have known  to begin with?" or "this is safe to say because it is just an answer to how someone is doing?". It isn't a question of truth as much as it would be a question of trying to remain kind. I think only girls have that problem. We struggle with it. Maybe we are just more communal than men. Guys bond over sports and girls bond over sharing information.  We get flack for it, but most of us are not mean at all.

Tonight I'll be headed back over to Seattle to have an evening with just the girls- one of whom is 6 but acts much more mature than that. I think we will have some fun in downtown Seattle. I'll be wearing my walking shoes. The guys will go to the Seahawks preseason game. I hope the weather is great because it will be the first Seahawks game for their 10 year old devoted Ohio Seahawks fan. I spent most of last season boxing up the Seahawks game freebies to send to Ohio. I hope I get to do it again but I hear our little fan is now thinking of becoming a Bears fan. But he assured me at dinner that he will still be a Seahawks fan. I know the feeling with my loyalty to the Seahawks AND the Saints.

Today's picture is really from yesterday. I was taught how to play Spot It. I'm not that good at it.
 I was defeated by a short person with dimples. But it was fun to do.


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