Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 5 Day 5

Today's theme song: "Level Up" from the album AIM by Vienna Tang.

So, I got out of the house ON TIME (a theme of this 99 day thing), and ran over to our CPA to pick up our tax forms. Turns out they haven't been filed. Let me repeat that: HAVEN'T BEEN FILED. It is okay to an extent because the law is that IF you have paid the feds, and if you don't owe them anything, you have until October 1 to file. Our return was lacking a signature because we hadn't yet been called to come in and sign them. Nothing makes me as nervous as the letters I R S.

So I asked my CPA some questions, since we were seemingly having a casual chat about me not being upset about our non-filing status. One of them concerned the fact that Obama, who obviously makes more than WE do, only paid 16% tax. We are well above that. He explained that book revenue is ROYALTIES- and that pays a much lower tax rate. So if you make a living as a writer, and you sell a best seller, WOHOO for you!  He also said that people who are very wealthy get their income from municipal bond funds or other tax free items and those are taxed differently (which I knew, but I thought those were relatively trivial funds that could lose money, too).  So maybe I should take some of my 99 days to REALLY make some financial decisions that will help me avoid some of these taxes. Remember- wages are highly taxed. Highly. So quit working.

I've also noticed that my sweet calico might have sleep apnea. Hmmmm. Because I now sit at the table watching her breathe, I see that she will pause, then take a huge breath and snort a little. Quietly snort- not a huge snore like, for example, a 215 pound redheaded guy might do. I'm pretty sure that a little teensy sleep apnea mask is not on the market- not because I wouldn't buy it but because India would murder me in my sleep if I put it on her.

I went to my dentist today- she can always find another way to present a new idea hoping that I'll take the bait for some new toothy improvement. Granted, I can see what she is talking about. But it is so damn expensive to do anything to a tooth these days. And dentists can get away with it because they can make you pay up front and you can just bite it. So she basically is making her living talking people into having the same smile. Sigh. I'll probably have to do some of it. I wish we could deduct dental care. (That CPA stuff is obviously still on my mind!)

I should be cleaning house- we are going to be loaded up with visitors again next week.

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