Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 2 Day 2

My first Saturday without facebook! Oddly, I don't care AND I really am calmer.
So what does Saturday bring? Lots of grocery shopping because tomorrow my best Houston friend, Mary Ann, her husband, Don, and her Seattle based daughter, Patty, will be here.

I met Mary Ann when I lived in Hunter's Creek- she was my neighbor AND also a member of the Harris County Medical Auxiliary.  She convinced me that I really could go into the world of volunteer ladies, and I wound up doing publicity for their holiday gift fair, leading tours of the Medical Museum on "free day" when every sick kid got off a bus and gave their illness to me, and collecting brunch recipes. Since Ryan was born the year we moved to Hunter's Creek, it was a great way for me to get out. We also joined Weight Watchers together and failed MISERABLY at it - but it was pretty funny. We actually did what they said. We even walked the path around Memorial Park when it was heavily treed and people were routinely raped. We discussed self-defense strategies and laughed at the possibility that we could outrun anyone. Her knees hurt, my knees hurt, and I was really too chubby to run. So we strolled the park and didn't worry about it.  But she and Don come to Seattle rarely, so I am very excited. She loves my flowers but alas, only the salvia is very showy right now.

Saturday evening we went to round 2 of the Book of Mormon. This time we sat in the third row, center, and watched every gesture. I have to say, I've seen ALOT of musical theater. Maybe as much as any straight person alive. My first album was West Side Story, and my second was The Sound of Music. I've been on the board of a theater that did 4 musicals a year. But Book of Mormon is the most clever one I've seen. The music is by the guy who wrote Frozen, but the good news is that no children should be singing these songs. The South Park guys wrote it. I remember a memorable outing with Scott, Hunter, Laura H, Ryan and Alex to see the South Park movie. We were stunned and very entertained.  That was kindergarten level, and this is doctoral.  The opening number is so well written- just a level above virtually any number ever- yep, I said it. If you don't mind some vulgarity,  you should not miss it.

We ate at Loulay and the Chef in the Hat came over to talk to us. It was a fun way to start the evening. I had to ask him how  much the mirror weighed. He said they used balloons to figure out what size those chandelier balls should be and where they should hang. Clever!

Now, on to Sunday. Alex is putting caffeine back in the coffee, so maybe I will be a little more anxious. We'll see.

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