Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 17 August 17

Having a little more free time without Facebook gives me time to have my own causes and opinions. Doesn't matter if no one cares. I am going to do 99 days and maybe forever- but  if I go back, it will certainly be a huge rearranging of what I want to see and hear online.

One thing I am really tired of is all the public apologizing we are dragged through. It is as if Americans have become sanctimonious twits demanding that everyone who acts like an idiot has to stand up and publicly do the "Walk of Shame: I'm so  sowwy" edition (the sowwy is on purpose). I personally  prefer to know what nimrod opinions the people I watch or know have. I think saying 'I am so very sorry, and I don't know what came over me' is a load of crap. Of COURSE they know what came over them- their own personal opinions did. They aren't sorry. And I sort of resent them for apologizing. A simple "yikes, I didn't mean it that way!" is enough.  You know what you apologize for? Well, you should apologize when you've hurt your good friends or your spouse or your kids by not thinking before you speak or act. You should apologize IF and ONLY IF you are really sorry.  And the rest of us shouldn't listen to or care about apologies that are done for publicity purposes. Or if it is some jerk who has done something for the third or fourth time and is apologizing for doing the same thing again- don't talk to me, talk to the counselor.  I don't care if a politician or commentator or sportscaster or minister or movie star says something stupid. It doesn't bother me. In fact, very few things are as entertaining as the stupid things that famous people say and do. And yet, the publicist encourages them to act as if they were stolen by the stupid fairy and forced to mumble out a rant now and then. They are who they are. What they say is sometimes hilarious, sometimes mean, sometimes really racist or sexist, and sometimes cruel- but it is, trust me, always what they meant to say, because it is what they think. I don't care. And I'd rather they felt free to do that so I could know who I'm dealing with here. Actually, forced apologies are really the worst kind of hypocrisy. It is done to trick everyone into believing such a wonderful person just couldn't have possibly believed what they said or did.  Here's something more amazing- I think they are entitled to be idiots. I don't think they should be expected to be anything they aren't. I don't even care how they think or feel. Talent and intelligence don't always go hand in hand.  And, sadly, the people who truly do owe us an apology won't do it anyway.

Unless you hurt me or my family deliberately, you don't owe me an apology. I don't want to live in a boring world where everyone has to think alike and apologize for every misstep that might bother other people. We don't live in Utopia. And in some ways, the people demanding those apologies are mean as snakes and more self-righteous than the pope. One thing I know- everyone has something to say that could offend someone else. Everyone. Repeat it, repost it, make fun of it, but stop with all the damn apologies!

Day 17- We finished season one of Orphan Black. Can't wait to see season two on demand. India sat with her face in my hand, sound asleep, throughout 3 epidsodes. I love that cat!

See you tomorrow!

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