Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26 Day 26

Today's news is all about corporations (mostly Amazon) in Europe using Luxembourg as their base. Why? Because Luxembourg has a 30% corporate tax but also has conveniently slotted in a lot of loopholes so that businesses will come there and HIRE their citizens and pay their taxes there.  And, as usual, the UK is all over it as tax evasion. (Amazon pays all the taxes it owes to the UK- that is not the issue.) You heard me- corporations are in a perfectly legal country, using that country's perfectly legal laws, and the UK is demonizing them.  Here are two great subjects- the first is the UK and the second is corporate persecution.
The UK is in a sad state indeed. Their socialized medicine costs a lot. Their small but active military costs a lot. Their stupidity in going all over the world proclaiming people from other countries to be British citizens while stealing their country out from underneath them costs them a lot. They made them citizens- which, in retrospect comes under the category of "how stupid can you get".  You can conquer a country or steal it or whatever, but you should never, ever make them citizens. And frankly, you shouldn't go around grabbing nations that are all ready full of people. (don't even THINK of bringing up the USA on that- it was us or someone else, and you know it). Because then you have what is happening all over Europe- the complete change of citizenry. And, like the people who can cross our border, they come for the benefits, because the hard work of settlement and growth has all ready been done by someone else.  So the UK, and several other countries, are desperate for money. They tax their own citizens into the ground, tax their businesses into the ground, and then complain that a company like Amazon HURTS their own businesses and well- with the usual hubris of the UK and the EU, they want them to STOP. Hurting American businesses is, and has been, the new Marshall Plan over there.  Never mind that if the UK would have stopped their draconian and greedy laws, companies like Amazon could have brought them employment opportunities, etc. Here are the real amazon figures: Amazon has invested more than 1 billion pounds in the Uk, pays another billion to delivery companies, has 7,000 current employees there, makes very little profit to pay taxes on, runs European fulfillment networks throughout Europe, etc. But the UK is screaming at them. It is part and parcel of what has become of Europe in general--bullying American corporations that already pay vast amounts of money into their coffers. Corporations have to avoid France all together because of their work laws. Try getting people excited about working in France- they don't. Keep in mind, it is totally LEGAL for Amazon to be in Luxembourg. The UK is just mad that their country isn't getting the money from them. And this is where you get to if you run a socialized state. I'd suggest they get rid of the royals and allow more land ownership and tax Google. And I hope Amazon stays right where they are. They pay enough taxes.   Here is what is happening in the UK: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2620957/Ethnic-minorities-make-one-population-2050-Britains-melting-pot-continues-grow.html  And Britain will need lots of tax money as their country becomes a great, big, overcrowded mess. I don't blame Scotland- eventually they know they will pay into the mess that Britain has created for itself.  If Scotland becomes independent, they can control how businesses are treated in their own country. So I hope Scotland at least gives it a try.

So, just to prove how consistent my thinking has been for years, I bring myself back to the old, stolen, blog of alexandlynn.com . Here is my corporation essay that sums up how I feel about corporation persecution.

Big Business (4/28/04)

Here we again in election times- some people throwing about the words "big business" and "big corporations". They get everything! Why, they even get tax breaks! And according to these people, these corporations are screwing you every day. Well, I don't know what they mean by that. So I started wondering, what would happen to us WITHOUT big corporations? First of all, we wouldn't be in the 21st century in terms of progress, would we? We'd be on a horse and HOMEMADE buggy, because the damn buggy might have led to a corporation that MAKES buggies, so all buggies must be homemade. Guess you'd have to build an outhouse, because your bathroom fixtures and all the pipes that lead up to them are made by BIG BUSINESS. Oh, and start collecting leaves to wipe with. Better run out and get a cow- that milk is corporate, not to mention the huge meat processors. Pet food? Make your own- feed some of that cow to the dog. Throw out your computer and the incredibly cheap software you use on it. All from corporations- big successful ones. Throw away your shoes, golf clubs, car, ah hell, go live in a tent made from the skin of your cow. Because all the building materials and construction machines used to make your home came from big business. Like that cell phone? Too bad. Last time I looked a big corporation made that for you and runs the service for you. Would someone PLEASE explain to me what the big corporations and big businesses have done to hurt me? I am sick of hearing that. I love big businesses- they owe me nothing because they provide so well for me. I don't want to have to make my own sheets. I don't want to have to walk everywhere. I love living in a country where I can buy STOCK and partly OWN a big business, and I don't have to do anything but sit back and decide if they are doing a good enough job for me, their part owner. Someone has said that the biggest problem in this country is class envy. But I mostly notice that people who really want something find a way to use their drive and energy to get it- because this is not a country where anyone stops you from your dreams- unless enough legislation is passed to ruin your ambition. If you work at Starbucks, you work for "The Man". If you work at REI, you may get a rebate, but you are working for "The Man". Thank God for "The Man"- no matter what color he or she is!!!!!! People complain about jobs going off shore (except for Hollywood stars who slip away to Canada to make movies while complaining about other jobs going overseas)- well, stop bitching about big business and big corporations and get legislation passed that isn't punitive toward their success. Stop complaining about success that provides you with more convenience than has ever existed on the planet earth. Without it, you'd be making those candles out of cowfat to carry to your outhouse behind your tent off your dirt road that you walk down to get your news from the pony express agent.

PS Today's post is brought to you by Nautica (the towel under the cat bed), Macy's (the cat blanket),HP (my envy23), Corsair (my keyboard), Anderson windows (the entire house), Microsoft Corp (this software), McKinnon furniture (my table), Office Depot, Nokia (the phone picture), Sketchers (my shoes), Eddie Bauer (my sweatshirt), Chico's (my pants), Apple Corp (the cat imac bed shell); Overstock.com (my chairs at the table); Blue Wilderness (the cat food on the floor); Petco (cat tree behind me)....etc.

Today's video is keeping with today's theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_DJhEXmOmY
I love Jerry Lee Lewis. I think the UK should now use this as their anthem.

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