Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9 Day 9

So, for our anniversary we went downtown to eat at El Gaucho and spend the night at the Alexis hotel. Alex gave me flowers and a Richard Sherman NFL jersey, and I gave him some discount coupons for Macy's and a promise to go shopping for him.  We BOTH thought of clothes. The kitties got a double ration of food in case the apocalypse arrived and we didn't make it home.
We got home and Alex rushed out to Sahalee to see the end of the club championship and have lunch. I am doing this blog and watching the reflection of the fence guy my neighbors got to repair their fence which is falling down all the time. This guy looks like he is okay-he doesn't know I can watch him in my monitor. He thinks I am just typing away. Oblivious. Our neighbor's daughter, who is our cat sitter, just showed up and Zoubi and India are showing a lot of interest now. They love Sophia.

I've probably said this before, but this summer is the most beautiful summer we've had in Seattle. In 16 years. Of course, it is a drought, and the people who refuse to waste water on their lawns have brown ugly patches.  Not us. We don't use a lot of water, but I'll be damned if I am going to let all my yard and plants die! Nope. It is a real dilemma in an area where it can rain incessantly for weeks- how to find plants that can survive the deluge and the drought. 

I am just now wondering how that fence guy is going to get back when he's finished the fence part that fell down. He is working on my side of the fence and will be, in effect, blocked from going back over unless he can jump about 7 feet. This ought to get more interesting.

Have a great Saturday! No news is good news. I don't even care much about tv even. It's a good thing.

Today's pictures, including a fun one Hollis did photoshopping India onto Bouguereau's Pieta complete with India's iMac halo.(Day 8 has the original)
Jesus needed a calico angel.

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