Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 20 Day 20

Today I cleaned house and used the Roomba to help. I really entertain myself with that thing because I'll vacuum in the same room as the Roomba just to be sure. I washed sheets and cat beds and a few pillows. Why? Well, tomorrow I go to the outpatient place to have parts of my spine injected with anesthetic and cortisone. Don't worry, I do it routinely because I've been sort of rough with my spine over the years- I've even broken it in one spot. We never have figured out how I did that. I'm suspecting racket ball combined with some over zealous jumping.  Or falling off the curb on one of those "Whoa, I didn't see THAT coming" moments. That gem was at T11. I blew the disk out below and above it, too.  But they can't inject that spot. However, I've been in for L2 because it actually pressed on my spinal cord. And now I'm going in for L-5. In 4 places. My spine sucks. Full of actively growing arthritis, or so says the bone scan done by a kid who looked like a sixth grader to me.  Yikes. I may as well be honest about this though it sounds very personal. I'm not sure what the doc will do- he had told me last time that he might have to do a rhizotomy - cut the little nerves that go to the bone there. Fine by me. They'll grow back but maybe they'll grow differently.  Alex has fun giving me a "secret word" to see if I can remember it after I get back in recovery because they do give me Versed- which may stand for "very sedated" .  It robs you of your recent memory so you can't recall yelling at the doctor from under the drape "moses wept, that hurts". You did it, but you don't remember it. That, too, is fine by me.

So back to house cleaning. I cannot leave the house for any huge event like hospital, vacation, day trip, without making sure the house is clean. It's not the same as wearing clean undies in case you have to go to the emergency department or something. It's because I don't want to have to come back from something and see a mess. Or dust. Or cat hair on the floor. I think I have my own common thread going on in my head because I always make sure I look like I care when I go to the doctor. Maybe I'm just afraid he'll write "disheveled, didn't seem to know she was going to an appointment" in my file. (Which now EVERYONE can read- so that your eye doc can ask how your cough was doing from 2 months ago or worse.)  Sometimes I get so busy with the eyeliner that I look in the mirror and say "You can stop now, you aren't going to the prom".  Tomorrow morning at 5am, I will get up and still put on some makeup and a little blush. Because god forbid I would look like I just woke up or something.

The IBKC got news of the death of a one of the previous foster kittens. It just hurts everyone's heart that follows the IBKC. Hug your little pets a little extra today.

Today's song: The King's Singers "Down to the River to Pray"

Good night.

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