Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4 Day 4

I'm sitting at the table next to a very snoozy India. We have about 6 hummingbirds that visit the salvia hot lips plants that grow outside the window. That is unusual because hummingbirds are hilariously territorial- though I guess to other hummingbirds, a really angry hummingbird is a threat.  At times like this, I am even more grateful that India is an indoor cat- she can't catch a tiny hummingbird to bring to me as a gift.  (Zoubi naps all afternoon). Our hummingbirds are very plain little birds- no fancy plumage- but they are very industrious. So they make this all very pleasant.

I have decided to disconnect from any cable news television. If I want to know something, I can read it. It's been 4 days- I'm fine. In fact, today I drove to Uwajimaya, the Asian grocery store in Bellevue. Why? Because now that I'm not checking everything electronic in my spare time, I have time to drive to Bellevue to buy some Dungeness crabs (live) for dinner. They put the crabs in a Styrofoam open container so that they couldn't escape. I sort of kept my eye on them the whole way home. Oddly, the cats had no interest in them whatsoever. How can that be? They were alive and kicking.

I took the time to really appreciate how beautiful the sky is today. Since my friends from Houston are still in town, I am so glad they get some beautiful weather here. Of course, we have a heat pump that also air conditions, so I am in total comfort.

I have come to the conclusion that things like facebook can really interfere with your ability to think. It gives you ADD. Things are short bursts - continually. A barrage of information of no real relevance most of the time. You can leave to do an errand but even that is curtailed by coming back to a computer.  I've also discovered that there is no urgent mail or urgent messages in my life. I always THINK there is going to be one, but there never has been. Maybe that's why so many people are so thoughtless about what they say- it causes drama and that drama is the urgent item they've been waiting for. Their opinion is needed and  it is needed RIGHT NOW.  There is probably research going on about that as we chat here.

I got 3 little gifts wrapped for our friend's new baby and their other two who need their big brother and big sister gifts. I should have spent my time on you tube learning to wrap those weirdly shaped children's gifts. Honestly- try wrapping my little ponies in their hard plastic, oddly shaped containers!

Today's interesting thing in my history: I was a beta tester for Google. While everyone else was on explorer, yahoo, etc, I signed up with Google. I even bought a tee shirt and a carry bag.  Alex asked me what I thought of it- and I said "well, so far, it is TERRIBLE". But, like the little engine that could, it got there and took over. Who knew what a dominant behemoth it would become. Scary, too.

So here's today's view from the post- lots of peace in this village:

The kitties keeping me company.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

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