Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 16 Day 16

Today's post really started out yesterday since the guys went to the Seahawks game and Betsy, little Lydia and I met up at the Seattle Center after they finished watching an IMAX film about lemurs. That would all make total sense if you knew that Lydia happened to like sloths so much that she carries one of the stuffed varieties of sloth around with her. I'm going to illustrate this post with pictures! (the sloth was not photographed)

As you can tell, it was a gray day, and we all brought jackets along just in case. But there's the space needle. You're welcome.  And no, I didn't buy a space needle lights up pink pen even though I have been known to do so prior to this.

We decided to go to the Chihuly glass museum right next to the needle. I wondered if little 6 year old Lydia would be bored, but she was really excited to know she could take 200 pictures of the glass stuff in the museum. Her mom took pictures of Lydia. and I took pictures of Betsy taking pictures of Lydia.   The museum is set up inside with black walls- it makes every picture look professional. So, using my nokia lumia 1020 with the 42 megapixel camera made it SO easy. So, I will post a few for you:

Nice, eh?

So, then it was getting dark, so we walked to eat at Crow then settled back in at the hotel while the guys sat in a parking garage trying to leave for 45 minutes!  We are really sad that our band of company had to leave this morning to catch a ferry to San Juan Island. I miss them all ready.
Evidently, I am getting old. We went to bed at 2 am and I didn't wake up until 11:30. Even the cats let me sleep in. I got to eat out 3 times in 24 hours. We ate lunch out, then we went to see Boyhood at a movie place in Seattle, then went to Bastille for dinner, drove around Green Lake, then came back across the bridge back home. 
I can hardly believe tomorrow is Sunday because we have done so much this weekend.  I am so glad Betsy and Bill and Will and Lydia made it all the way out here.  School starts for them when they get home to Ohio, and it is always a big trip to go out to Seattle- for anyone. We live in a very isolated place surrounded by mountains that use mountain pass highways to traverse. Canada is above us and a somewhat crappy 1-5 leads us down the west coast. Though it is unlike anywhere else in the USA, it is still so hard to come and go from here. There are many times during the year that hopping into your car to head east means you will be stranded somewhere by snow and ice. But I can totally see how people who visit will be entranced by the mountains and lakes and islands.
So, this post is a little late today and really is ending up at the end of the day. It is 10:36 pm here. I hope my Ohioans come back soon!


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