Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25 Day 25

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone today to roast a chicken the way Ina Garten does- at 425 for about 75-85 minutes for 6 pounds. Okeedokee- I'm game. We'll see. But I have  the EMMY award show on tv. Here's my Emmy winning son:
I normally post that on Facebook every year at Emmy time, but I'm not on facebook now, am I? It was a few years ago but he STILL won it. Some sort of category of digital media Xbox achievement or something. I don't know THAT part of it.

It always makes me wonder why we, as a nation, pay any attention at all to award shows. What professions do that? I'm sure people get nice recognition for what they do in regular jobs- or not. But why do we watch people reward themselves in the most narcissistic and self-congratulatory profession ever invented? I think the writing awards are okay but even at that, aren't they doing THEIR job? Aren't they paid to do it well? Aren't they happy enough with their compensation? It is just weird. I almost always watch award shows on the DVR so I don't have to listen to the speeches. I guess we'd all be pretty full of ourselves if we got an award for every time we did our job the best of anyone and got voted on. Most people settle for a little gold star sticker and a pay check. (oh okay, no sticker). Never in the history of mankind have we been so inundated with being entertained by others. So much for sitting around the fire singing "Jimmy Crack Corn". But really- enough is enough. (Stephen Colbert is on right now being an idiot. Not funny. His 20 writers must have left the building). And there should be a drinking game for every time they say "truth". 

The Emmy's are good for one thing- they keep Zoubi asleep. When the tv is on, and no animals are onscreen, Zoubi goes to sleep. See? Sometimes animals are definitely smarter.

I'm off to check on the chicken. I'm going to remove my crabby pants and put on my chicken eatin' pants.  :-)

Today's music: Summer Song by Chad and Jeremy
because in 2 weeks, I'll bet our summer will be gone.

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