Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29 Day 29

 I'm in Claremont,CA for some R&R with Hollis and Steve.  I'm writing this on my Surface- the original Surface, not the fancy Surface Pro 3. But I still think it is amazing to have all this power and a touchscreen. And a pink keyboard!  I have to keep it short while I am in California because BlogSpot doesn't like me being here for some reason. My bank wasn't too keen on it either having declined my debit card twice. I got to spend some quality time with the bank guy, who hilariously asked me for the answer to my verbal password. I said "I have a verbal password? That doesn't seem very secure to me. Tell me about it." I finally realized he wanted me to answer my security questions. When I pointed this out to him, he thought it was funny. We both ended on a high note. It is veryveryvery hot here. Tomorrow, we are going to San Diego to cool off and go to a plumeria show. I kid you not. Hollis grows plumeria and this is the big deal plumeria show for southern California.  Meanwhile, back in Seattle, fall has started without me.

I hope I can post every day while I am here. I'd hate to lose my 3 followers!

No pictures today because I haven't taken any! There are THREE cats in this house. A fourth wanders onto the patio outside because he knows where the food is. And somehow, a feral mother cat has gotten the message and brings her 2 kittens to eat the outdoor cat's food that stays in the garage. I hope I get to see her kittens and I hope she gets caught and joins the trap spay and return club really soon. For all I know, outdoor cat number 4 is the cat father. Hollis has been unable to trap her and her kittens. I'm sure she will do something about it.


I like this house- it is really a mid-century modern that Hollis and Steve have worked on rather extensively. New bathrooms, some walls removed, a beautiful yard and new pool decking. It looks great.  So, I am going to go enjoy sitting in it!


See you after San Diego!



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