Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18 Day 18

Has it only been 18 days? Seems like a year. Last night I dreamed I just walked into a store and bought 2 packs of cigarettes- to smoke. That must mean something about withdrawal from Facebook finally hitting me!  It was sort of disgusting.

I just saw an ad on tv regarding this:

You don't have to read it- the ad really just said "Keep TV free- write your congressional representative" or something close to it. It was the first funny thing I've heard today.

Why?  Well, the LAST thing television is or will ever be is FREE. First of all, televisions use electricity. Maybe it is only $40-$50 a year, but that is for one TV. If more than one tv is on, it can add up.  Next, you have to buy the television. Yep.  Some are cheap, some aren't. Some last for years but most won't because of changes in technology. And if you have more than one, it can add up.
Then there is the issue of transmission.  Most of us had to haul TV's to the recycling bin after the signal changes. Or whatever the hell that was.  Then there is the cable bill. Because most people have a cable bill.  Ahhh, the cable bill. Then there is the cost of producing television shows, news programs, etc and the maintenance of the local stations with all that staff and helicopters and magically inaccurate weather forecasting equipment. Corporations and smaller businesses pay to advertise in order to make profits for their companies (commonly called "The Man" by the slothful).

So if someone out there finds out what "Free TV" is, let me know.

Where do people get the idea that stuff is free? It is NEVER EVER free. Not even the smallest trinket you pick up as a promotional advertising gimmick. Nothing is free. I know there is a song with the lyrics being about the best things in life are free. Really? Maybe looking at the moon and stars is free but it ends there. If you go to a park to see them, someone has paid for the park. And the park/trail maintenance and the roads you took to get there. Sometimes, it isn't money that has paid but people's time and energy- that isn't free either. They have just chosen not to charge money for their services.

Therein lies the ludicrous idea that things should be free. If you aren't paying for it, someone else is.
That's the truth.

Today is bunny day in the back yard. I'm not sure why though- there isn't much clover and even fewer weeds, but its a buntacular world out there. India has control of the situation.

Today's song: The Best Things in Life are Free performed by the Broadway star, Robert Morse, as a tribute to his performance as Bert Cooper on Mad Men.
Or the original version:

Today's picture:

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