Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19 Day 19

Today it has turned gray and that, combined with the fact that it is Taco Tuesday at our house, makes it a kind of boring day. India and Zoubi were very low key- the sun disappeared this afternoon and so did their ambition. I notice that they are about done with summer. This has been the sunniest and driest since I've been here- which is 16 years. We've had HOTTER ones (109 at our house for several days a few years ago). But none prettier. My writing spot is hummingbird, chipmunk, bunny, big birds, India Rose and deer central. India sticks it out because none of that bores her in the least.

Our local news is covering the story of a 19 year old girl who is up in a tree over on bucolic, but expanding, Bainbridge Island. She has been there in the tree for 24 hours or so, and she is starting to babel on and on about nature and what trees deserve. Etc. Its very Seattle to cover her condition every chance they get. Now, mind you, she is trespassing. But this, being Seattle, is okay and promoted. Because the trees are more important than someone's property rights, permits and construction plans. I have to say that when I was 19,  I might have had the same passion. But alas, my parents would have read me the riot act because, honestly, they believed other people had rights, too. Such a foreign idea up here in "better than you" land. I couldn't just up and decide to climb in a tree because I wanted to because the tree wasn't mine. They couldn't have stopped me from standing just off the property line to hold a sign to complain. But trespassing just to express my holier than thou opinion- well, that would be another thing. If this young woman believes in no development, she should have her parents sell THEIR house, tear it down and plant a small copse of trees there. But then again, this is a "do as I say not as I do" sort of town. The attention this causes makes other news people drive their carbon emission spewing vehicles from Seattle in order to cover the story.  Which might make some people turn on their electricity burning  television so they can watch it.  I was kind of hoping someone, somewhere would point out her stupidity. It isn't really the trees- those can be replanted and, in fact, the developer of the little shopping area has approved plans to do so. Turns out, little Ms Arborial is against the bank and a couple of other businesses that will go in there. She also wants everyone on Bainbridge to "shop local". And of course, she is arrogantly sure, at 19, that she knows best for everyone. Obviously, she isn't an economics major. She probably studies nothing but self-absorption in her parent's house.
Anyhoo, the media is on her side, some of her friends are there acting stoned and cheering her on.
Good luck with the rest of your life, Ms Arborial. You can go around demanding you get your way but at some point, you will have to come down out of that tree. OH- and shame on you for trespassing and giving the finger to all the law abiding people who choose to fight things in legal ways.

I'm done.

Here is sweet India. I know it seems that I am playing favorites between the girl cats, but Zuzu is always off somewhere looking out of other windows.

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