Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13 Day 13

Turns out that if you aren't on Facebook, it takes about an hour less to clean this house.  No stopping to take a break and play bejeweled. 

The cats must be bored with me- today I did not fulfill the role of human slave with the task of reaching over to scratch every little twitch. It's because of the housework. I do have to say the floors look fantastic. It's all because of this mop I bought. No kidding.  It has a little twirly thingamabob in a bucket that spins all the water out of it, so I can damp mop properly and fast. It is the best mop I've ever had! I no longer dread using a mop. Small pleasures, I tell ya.

The kitties don't love a clean house though. Last week, I wiped off all the marking the cats have done with their little faces. I've never SEEN them do it- but there are little sticky spots everywhere (at about 12 inches up)that there is a sharp corner. And they mark this house as THEIRS.  India marks it as "just passing by, thought I'd add a little scent of my own to this but you are so welcome to come pet me". Zoubisou marks it as "Did I say you could come in here. bitch? don't make me cut you".  Either way, I don't mind the marking, I mind the eventual smudge of cat face oil it leaves. So they think cleaning is a way I try to erase their territory. They'll have to learn to live with it. At least once in a while.

Today's picture is India up on her cat tree watching ELLEN.

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