Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 21 Day 21

I spent this morning over at Evergreen Hospital outpatient surgery center getting Dr Baker to put some anesthetic in my lower spine. It was diagnostic to see if that was the spot where the nerve should be cut. It wasn't. :-(   I'll have to go in again and see if I can get some other area around there done. This is because insurance companies don't like this sort of stuff and they have to have proof you need your nerve cut. It is crazy because all these little visits add up for them, also.  Oh well.

I'm sort of sedated still- so to cop OUT , I will republish an essay from the old you know, the blog 20,000 people saw and then someone in China or Japan stole it. It took a while to find it on the wayback machine- and then luckily I had copied some of those little essays that were so popular in their day. I left the date it was posted by the title.

The Tao of Me (8/19/03)

Ah, the great subject of ME!!!!!!! I am so excited to write about ME! Believe it or not, I am actually asked for advice once in a while. It goes to show you that you can fool some of the people some of the time- now, that doesn't make the people who ask me for advice foolish. Not at all. I am pretty good with advice and pretty good at calling a spade a spade. I don't make things up, and if I do, it's a real accident. But I do have a sort of basic philosophy about ME. I'm a little lazy, or I'd have a job right now instead of doing housework and gardening and grocery shopping and cooking dinner and combing the cats and washing the laundry- hey WAIT. But a job PAYS, so I must be a little stupid, too. I am also a little introspective lately. I am looking inward much more than I used to, and I wonder if that is a harbinger of bad things to come.  An omen about the future. I LIKED being shallow. It was so much easier. Maybe if I got a job, I wouldn't be thinking about anything. I know that I know how to do a lot of things- none of which are very useful. I can speak about 20 words of Italian that aren't from restaurants or musical scores because I believe knowing a foreign language is good for you. I can read and write music- and sight read rather effortlessly, so in a hostage situation, I hope they pass out sheet music.  I believe that music can keep you sane. I can roller skate better than anyone I know. I can tap dance almost better than anyone I know. But I see no solid reason to combine the two on any occasion. I can give all the proper responses in an Episcopalian mass, which gives my soul the highly touted balm. I can predict which kid in any kindergarten is going on to a career of crime, thus making me clairvoyant. I believe in love at first sight because it is thrilling, and in hate at first sight because that is instinctual. I believe that little kids are a lot more vulnerable than we know and that they hear everything that is said within a two mile radius, therefore we should be careful what we say unless we are plotting something we want revealed. I believe that love is more important than DNA, but harder to find. And I think that when cats and dogs shed, we should have a use for all that hair other than clogging up vacuums. I think that vanilla pudding is probably good for you, whereas liver and onions is not. You are what you eat. And I think that having a lot of family is a good thing unless they all run a meth lab together. And even then, the family that plays together, stays together.
Anyway, I think I wish that every one on the planet earth would start to recognize that it is okay for the whole world to be or look different from them. It's okay. In the Tao of Lynn, the most used expression would be CALM DOWN.  And it would apply to everyone- even me.  I do understand that I can become a licensed minister through some website- then I could write this web page off my taxes as long as I continued the Tao of Lynn. It could offset gambling losses or something like that. In the meantime, that is about all the Tao has to say. Calm down.
I am going to go lie down now, but part of this 99 day thing is to find something and stick to it. I'm sticking to the blog.
Today's cute video comes from the IBKC. Here is Midge Von Tussle of the famous Von Tussle family of Tacoma

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