Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3 Day 3

Okeedokee- today I feel the pinch missing the convenience of facebook. What I need is a few recommendations for restaurants in Vancouver, BC. I have a couple of favorites, but I know my BC friends really have great recommendations, too. I could have let them know via FB messenger and gotten them right away. Now, I have to go do some research my self.  Not that it is a terrible thing and I am wailing and gnashing my teeth- but I didn't realize I was that lazy.

Brunch was great! We had melon wrapped in prosciutto (my absolute favorite), smoked salmon, quiche, caprese, lettuce, and the absolute freshest, right out of the oven, from the French bakery this morning, French bread and croissants.  Patty brought over something called blueberry buckle and it was SO good. We had iced tea/coffee/tea and if you wanted a smoothie, we were prepared! My wonderful friend, Mary Ann, and her husband, Don and daughter, Patty, stayed for four hours. I wanted them to stay ALL day- but it is  a beautiful day in Seattle and they should really enjoy it. Tomorrow they are going to see some things then go to Canada.  I'm so happy to see Mary Ann and everyone. There was never a loss for words!

On another note, I used some china I own but haven't ever used.  It's by Burleigh, and it is called Asiatic pheasants. It was the most popular china pattern in England in 1827.  Or something like that. It is a transfer ware with a glaze over it, so it is dishwasher safe. I wouldn't DREAM of putting it in the dishwasher though. I like looking at it so washing it isn't a problem.

Zoubisou, usually the social cat, stayed out of view almost until our visitors left. I think she knows what an impact her long legs and little white feet make on visitors. She is a tiny but tall little cat. India, however, was THRILLED to find out the company had owned a calico cat for years, and I think they missed their long ago kitty. Mary Ann reminded me that calicos are good luck, and I agree with that. India makes me smile every time I see her.

I'm pretty happy- I love my friends. I don't know if that is from not having a sister to grow up with? But my good friends always feel like family to me. So today was a very good day!

On the Facebook front- here's something interesting. Facebook EMAILS me and informs me my friends miss me, and I have all these updates and comments and tags and stuff that I am MISSING.
Missing?? I have 35 messages and 95 new notifications. Oh really? No WONDER I was over stressed. And I am a little spooked that Facebook chose to let me know. Do they really track people like me?? Is it because I haven't logged in, or because I haven't made comments, or is it because I have the 99 DAYS profile pic? That would be interesting to know. But screw them. I am just not going to fall for it, and I wish they'd stop clogging up my inbox. I guess I'll get a mail EVERY day from them- as if I don't know I'm not on facebook.  Idiots.

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