Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 17 Day 48

I am just shocked at the child abuse endured by little kids. Some people say emotional abuse is worse than physical, but I'm here to set you straight. Nope. No way. Emotionally abused children (and they are legion because that is the human condition done by parents, sarcastic teachers, religious figures, mean other children, other adults, etc) stand a chance. If they are born with empathy in their soul, they will one day actually be BETTER parents because they don't want their kids to suffer. Emotional abuse can be reasoned out, but physical abuse is no accident. Somehow, someway, we have convinced ourselves that hitting a child for whatever reason is a good way to teach them a lesson. Well if that is true, why can't we let the schools smack them around? Or any other adult they are annoying? Because if that is how they LEARN, then that is what we  should do to them. I can hear some people saying under their breath, Lynn, you are crazy.  You know what? I never learned a THING from the ways my parents punished me except that I didn't trust them and didn't even like them very much. Now, I won't go into it, because it no longer matters, but I learned that I would never, ever treat my children like possessions. I was not my parents possession to do with as they pleased. And I never saw my children as possessions. Why would I smack a little kid just because I gave birth to them? You can call it spanking, but I call it smacking a little kid around. You can say you love your mother, but you know what I think?- I think you would have loved her MORE if she hadn't slapped you or spanked you or called you a name. It is actually unnecessary to do mean things to kids. Most of them love you and trust you to do what is right.  And here's WHY- You are bigger and stronger and smarter than they are. End of story. Pick them up, tuck them under your arm and take them to their rooms and put them in bed. A hundred times over if you must. And tell them when they calm down, things will be better, but you cannot stay for the current disaster because it has made you angry, too. Leave them in a safe place in their room, where hopefully they feel safe, too- and let them regroup. They will regroup. I promise A cold splash of water to the face helps, too- especially if they are screaming like banchees. A child out of control is not taught control by smacking them or worse. 
So, for me, the athletes that have hurt their children with sticks or switches or whatever, or have belittled or starved or burned or whatever- well, they deserve to go to prison. And their children should be taught it was not THEIR fault. They are little kids and grown ups are supposed to know better. If you can find me ONE child who behaved better after a spanking- who learned a lesson from it- I'll buy you a unicorn. Or a mermaid. Take your pick.

I went to the dentist (Dr I Can Make You Look Better and Poorer) today. She was nicer today but she still doesn't LISTEN. God. In the middle of me saying "I think this tooth is..." She starts BLABBING about what she thinks. You know, people who are taking vast amounts of your cash should at least allow you to say why you came there. Sigh.  I survived.

Ryan and I went to lunch AND dinner. He looks a lot more relaxed. I'm sure he IS more relaxed.

I ordered an Orphan Black tee shirt. It just has the bar code with the patent number for the DNA of Cosima. That sentence will mean NOTHING to you if you don't watch Orphan Black.

The salvia hot lips has grown 12 inches this past week. I guess it is just the last gasp. The little hummingbirds better get the message. No more food here after the next few weeks are over.

Here's Ryan looking all rested up at lunch:

Here's a question: If Scotland does split off, will you move there? Think hard. They'll have to do something to get a lot of money into their coffers other than taxation. So that will have to be jobs obtained by luring American businesses over. Let's go!

Today's video:  here is the hot dog eating champion Kobayashi versus a hamster:

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