Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1 Day 32

Well, now it gets complicated! No more easy peasy way to keep track of the days.

I am writing this on Sept 2 because I was really busy on Sept 1 packing and getting on planes, etc. So, instead, I will put up some pictures of stuff that happened on the trip over Labor Day.
Hollis has been tending a small butterfly farm of her very own- she is very devoted to them. She has a special cage, keeps it tidy, and watches them grow from teensy caterpillar to grown monarch.
As a result, she has milkweed plants on her patio that keep the adult butterflies around. So here is a picture of one- it had no fear of me whatsoever:
(the picture was taken with my nokia lumia 1040 cell phone camera, enlarged and cropped)

She also has a praying mantis preying on insects in her plants:

He is actually pretty scary looking. He seems to live in that spot so the eatin' must be good.

Hollis is a big fan, collector and grower of plumeria. So I took pictures of just 3 of them:

Pretty nice, huh? We went to the plumeria show to get an orange one, and she got one. So sometime, I'll post the orange ones when they bloom.
The plane flight was just fine. Only 2 hours and 15 minutes from here to Claremont. The problem is getting to OUR airport- travel, hassle of a parking shuttle, etc. The Ontario CA airport is a breeze. Just too easy. 

The Seattle airport has a new exit for people taking a little train from terminal N. It arrives just below the luggage pick up.  Only problem was that ANYONE walking in at the luggage level could walk down with no security, board the train and go do anything. Nice security, Seattle. 
Not one human was guarding the stairs up and down.

India and Zoubi greeted us with meeps and trills and happiness. India wanted me to hug her all night. But that's okay.

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