Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 4 Day 35

Wohoo times two!

First, despite incredibly miserable traffic (2 hours to get to the airport which is normally a 30 minute trip), Suanna is here and settled in. We ate salmon, watched the Seahawks perform what Alex calls an "asswhipping" on the Green Bay team who deserved to lose because of their very ugly uniforms, then played 3 rounds of TIMELINE.

Second, the Hawks won. (see above) I really didn't worry much about them losing since Russell Wilson really is a force - he is so focused and so riveted on the game and the plays. His team is so talented. I did worry about that huge dude that looked like a refrigerator and could hardly be brought down (Lacey) on the other team, but termites can bring down a two story house, so persistence is key.
(Wow, that was weird).

I am wearing my Richard Sherman official jersey- it is about 4 sizes too big so that I can pack stuff on under it. Since I wasn't AT the game, I didn't have to pack anything into it other than me.

Tomorrow, Suanna and I will find something fun to do. Then we'll meet up at Seastar. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. My Auntie Suanna is very entertaining.

The kitties are in love with Suanna all ready. Not one hiss (from Zoubi) and Suanna won over India Rose by respecting her iMac bed. I just don't want Suanna to trip over one of them. India is a perfect match for Brazilian cherry.

Have a great Friday.....

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