Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11 Day 42

Of course, today is a day of remembrance. Just like most of the days that are etched into our collective memories- particularly if we are of a certain age. My adoptive mother (born in 1909)remembers the stories of her grandfather coming home from Andersonville Prison after the Civil War and no one recognized him.  I realize that my childhood put me  near to World War II and the Korean War. My brother went to Viet Nam. My cousin was in the Gulf War. My niece was in the Pentagon building on 9/11.  And one day, we will have yet another date to remember. I have so much heartache for the people who died on 9/11. So I said my prayers today.

There is a bit of press today for the surviving golden retriever who searched for people in the rubble. She is a beautiful dog still, with the very sophisticated name of Bretagne. I would say there are two tests to see if someone will have a criminal future: Put a golden retriever puppy in their arms and see how they react. And then watch them with a kitten.  Any sign of disinterest or disgust, and we ship them off to prison. Right then and there. Golden retrievers are such wonderful dogs. And kittens like them, too.

I'm making soup for dinner. That makes absolutely NO sense. Soup is really a winter food and sort of a staple in our home. But something inside of me decided September was the start date. It'll be 80 tomorrow.

Our paper today had a headline about the Gates Foundation pouring $50 million into Ebola. You know, I sure wish they would have hired me when they first started throwing huge amounts of money into third world countries only to have their efforts wind up benefitting dictators and thugs. If you want to help a country, you give the money to a non-profit group that knows what to do and how to manage medical workers.  See? it only took me a second to find someone who agrees with me. I didn't learn that from the media; I just knew it would pan out that way.  Gates has lived a life of extraordinary protection- and it makes him very naïve. And in Seattle, a lot of people are beyond naïve bordering on bizarre. They think that 3 or 4 verses of Kumbaya and a Coke will make all the bad people happy. We are just mean people.  There are people in Africa putting GUNS into the hands of 4 year olds. Our children are taught to share and be nice and polite. It isn't reality. Humans are not only tribal, but we aren't that far away from our animal instincts to protect what we have and to dominate the weak.

I don't get it- how can such smart and generous people not see a hard and realistic version of the world? We always kid around that if there was an apocalypse, we'd find the house of the nearest Mormon because that is where all the supplies are.  Okay, we're half kidding. That's just basic survival. People who want power will steal ANYTHING that might give their victims enough strength to rise up against them. They will be violent and intimidating and steal what they can sell on a black market.  There is no guaranteed line of succession when a leader dies. The biggest thug wins. For FREE I would have told Gates that. But he has that kind of thinking that leads him to believe that he has only been "lucky" and "fortunate". Which is absolutely ridiculous. He is intelligent and motivated. Not lucky and fortunate. Luck does not exist. It is a cheap way to explain something that evidently he can't understand.   I'm just saying- I could have saved him a lot of time and money if he had just given me a call. Who knows what this next mess will do?  Sometimes I think nature is finally done with us- she makes her diseases incurable and then all the people who scream about birth control and overpopulation act like they didn't mean for someone to actually DIE to lower the population!  The most practical person I ever knew once said "Mother Nature is a bitch- she will kill you if she can". Maybe that should be the world's motto.

Well, time to go put chicken in the soup. Here are two pictures from today- India in the sun and my eyeball in the sun. You know- anything to keep from vacuuming.

Today's song:
We bought the world a Coke and now they have diabetes and bad teeth!
today a teacher found a kitten the way India was found- in her car engine. She passed the test for not going to prison(see above for the kindness test). She is going to keep it. Sweet, huh?

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