Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2 Day 33

I spent the morning catching up on laundry and scrubbing the black stuff from the luggage carousel off of my orange suitcase. Yes, I did that- scrubbed a suitcase. People have all black suitcases for a reason. Not me. I don't own a black suitcase. I have orange, pink, red, paisley, and purple, but not black. I have one that has stuff drawn all over it, but I don't use it on planes because it is a carry on and is actually breakable because it is that plastic stuff they sell now. Like so many cute things, it is totally impractical.

My doctor orders standard labs on me every 6 months, as if it matters to my longevity, and I went in this morning. I love it when people are nice. I never can figure out what makes people NOT nice to me- I am very pleasant and sympathetic to humans who have to stick things into my veins. But today went smoothly. I have to go back out to the grocery store now and figure out what is for dinner.

While we were in Claremont, we killed a couple of hours by going to see a YA film, The Giver. I am so surprised and delighted with the quality of young adult books these days. And really, YA means 14 and under. The themes of love and loss and attraction are put into varying plots - some sci-fi- and are told with creativity and action. I really envy kids today for that- I'm always sorry to see them on their phones, and checking instagram and snap chat and vine and all that- GO READ. I now realize how much of my time has been eaten by technology- for no good reason whatsoever. When we use technology to solve a problem or discuss an issue at dinner with the real facts and information, then tech works for good. But the narcissism of social media has gotten out of hand! Really- who ever wants to go to someone's twitter account to listen to them tell someone what to do? I'm stunned by some of the stuff. Hopefully, one day, people will stop acting so important and just write a real idea down. My favorite twitters are the ones like "Respect yourselves girls- you don't know how great you are". Really?  That's kind of arrogant, no? Tweets have turned from status to judgment! That ought to last a while.  Okay, I'll quit.  My advice to girls is to READ as much as you can. And now that YA fiction is so good, there is no excuse. Even if you are a little too old for it- it is still fun.  I have heard that The Giver is much better as a book than it was as a movie- so maybe THIS adult will read a book written for 14 year olds.

Well, I am off to the grocery store to see if the fish looks old or not.  I hope you had a great labor day.
See you tomorrow. Or just me. Who knows?

Today's song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXgoJ0f5EsQ
The Mom Song. Because I at least now have the leisure time to NOT have to sing the Mom song!

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