Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20 Day 51

I got up bright and early and donned my spiffy running shoes (which I don't run in) and some comfy clothes, met with Ryan, and we drove off to the wilds of Carnation, Wa to do the Beat the Blerch Run sponsored by Matthew Inman (  Lots of people were there considering that we were the second wave of signers up for this. I tried to sign up for Sunday, the first day it was offered, but by the time I got someone to go with me, Sunday filled up and I got put on a waiting list.
Ryan and I did the 10K.  At the 5K mark were blerches and sasquatch and the most disgustingly wet sofa I've ever been on. It was beer night at the frat house wet. I tried to look sad but it didn't work. I had on my best sun hat because I just had all that stuff burned, frozen and cut off my body and had to protect it. I have on my Tesla tee shirt that I got for supporting the "let's build a goddamn Tesla museum" findraiser.  I am sure Elon Musk has more to give than I did.  By the way, 10K is 6.2 miles and we came in at 2 hours. We were NOT in a rush.

And speaking of being in a rush, this race was a marathon. a half marathon and a 10 K.  The 10K group was composed of a lot of varieties of body types, but had some especially hefty people. Ryan and I stayed toward the end because I absolutely refused to try to RUN since I haven't trained at all, and even running a BLOCK can be dangerous if you aren't in that kind of shape. I didn't want some crappy tendon to get inflamed or my back to be miserable. But it seems that Ryan and I were the only ones wanting to walk- at first. I can walk fast. But this was on gravel, little rocks, concrete, etc. I don't want to hurt my ankles either. So Ryan might have been a little disappointed that we seemed to be slower. We were wearing runner's chips so crossing the start line was at our leisure. Imagine my excitement when I saw people start RUNNING in our group. These people should NEVER run. They look like they would be capable of having a heart attack just at the grocery store, let alone on an unlevel hiking path.

So, I just turned to Ryan and said "Don't worry, this running stuff will come to an end VERY shortly", and sure enough, within about 200 yards we passed some bent over gasping people. What did they think? Oh, I know- "If I wear a tutu and buy some great shoes to match, and put some stretch pants in a size 42 on, I will MAGICALLY BEGIN TO BE A RUNNER! I mean, look how EASY those other people do it!".  I'd  say I felt sorry for them, but Ryan and I passed them all up easily by the end of the first hour.

I looked a little tired toward mile 3, and we went past a girl who said "YOU CAN DO THIS". Then she yelled, "I'm only 5 weeks out of radiation and I'm doing it, so YOU CAN". Now, I just hate that kind of stuff.  Not because I am mean spirited toward people who just had radiation, but because it is NONE of my business. I don't want to hear it. That isn't encouragement- and I don't even want someone's encouragement.  So I just said "well, you've got me beat on that one" and kept walking.
WHY do people talk to me? Here's a tip for strangers- radiation or not- leave me alone. There. If you see that girl, please direct her to this.

Tomorrow the Seahawks play Denver. I have no idea what will happen there.

So tonight's song is: Run Away with You

GO Hawks!

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