Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24 Day 55

Today's big deal is all about how tech companies are soooo overloaded with guys- that women are poorly represented. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Let's let Detective Lynn explain this.  Now, I'm as big a supporter of fair treatment for women as ANY HUMAN ON THE PLANET. (read that twice) But let me tell you something you may not know. Being an engineer, especially in computer science, involves very difficult stuff- I'm talking CALCULUS THREE. You effing heard me- calculus three. Never mind calculus one and two, lots of people get that down pat. (Okay, lots is an exaggeration) I'm talking CALCULUS THREE.  Moses wept. I'm sure there are A LOT  of women and men who say "Hey, I'm in Mensa, I'm smart. My IQ is 140.". Well, sure you're smart. But you might not be CALCULUS THREE smart. That is a totally different kind of smart. In fact, anyone who passes calculus three with over an 80 average (on the curve is fine because just getting to enroll in it is an IQ test), is way smarter than you are, but in a different way.  Most college men cannot do it. But those who do get concentrated into tech companies. It is just logical.

Why aren't there more women? Well, because boys do have brains that function differently than women's. That is true. Most boys can't do it even with a boy brain.  A few, rarified women can hack it with the brilliant boys, but you'd be surprised to learn that it isn't easy for most of them either. And they got through calculus two. Of course there are exceptions but this is about a general reason to explain the lack of women in computer science. I'll say here that learning programming isn't always that hard- but most girls would rather be DOING something else. I assure you.

It is HARD to be an engineer. A lot of women would rather major in what I call the soft subjects because they are so EASY for girls- English, History, anything medieval, Social sciences, psychology and Dance. Oh yeah- that is the best one ever.  But when it comes to taking college level physics and mathematics, even very smart girls can suddenly be intimidated OR not want to work that hard. That is a true statement, and I don't care who stands up and screams it isn't. Most of the people who scream it isn't have never tried it themselves. It's all hot air.  Of course, there are girls who are engineers. But not many. And they are in the easier (you know I don't mean EASY as in EASY) engineering professions or they go into computer information technology- which is NOT really engineering.

Most parents of girls would laugh at being told to force their daughters to study advanced math. Even girls who are good at it and find it fun don't want to actually do algorithms for a LIVING! That is the truth. And I am going to stick by it. (exceptions exist, I get it).

And girls- well, they also are a pain in the ass because they want to have babies sometimes. Sorry, someone has to have the future generation and being born female is just your cross to bear. Seriously. I'm not even that sorry about that one because as Whitney said "I believe that children are the future" and if you don't parent them but leave them to others, they won't be engineers like their smart mommy. You might have to be a part-time engineer even if you get through all that math.  BUT,that means, in most tech companies, that women can waltz off into the sunset while other people fill the gap for months. The job will still be there. I'm all in favor of motherhood- but you can't climb the ladder and be fair to your fellow workers if you AREN'T AT WORK.
  But tech companies are so desperate to have women, that every single effort is made to retain them. They are a protected class just because they have a vagina. I'm not kidding you. (in fact, you are a protected class if you don't have a vagina but you want to get one put in).  Nowhere on earth are women employees treated more like goddesses than in the tech industry.  That would be ONE reason to wish I'd been good at Calculus 3, or 2, or hell, even 1. I didn't even try.

Women are 52 % (or close to it) of the population. Lots of those are at either end of the age spectrum, so erase the kids and older women. If we follow the standard IQ curve, maybe 2 per cent of the age eligible women will have any interest in higher level math in college. (Being interested in math in high school is NOT CALCULUS THREE). Well, if that is your daughter, start the PARTAY! Because she will have money thrown at her, have months of protected maternity leave, receive preferential hiring, be harder to fire than the boss's mistress, and can climb the ladder if she has competency.  Send her to a great college and then lean back and start spending your daughter's inheritance because she won't need it. Ever. I don't think that will ever change in this strange world of calling everyone but a white male a protected class. Throughout history everyone wanted a male heir- even the law gave them preference- but no more. If you have one of those gifted girls, get busy.

But don't blame the tech companies. They are doing all they can to find them.

Today's youtube video says it all- even if I have posted it before, it is more relevant now: 

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