Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7 Day 38

I'm tired!

We got up this morning and dilly dallied over breakfast, and then made the decision to go to the iPic and see The 100 foot Walk, or something that is an awful lot like that title, (I may or may not have just made it up). I think Suanna enjoyed it because the iPic is very comfortable, and she got to have a Panini while watching a movie about Indian and French food.

We picked up a half dozen cupcakes for dessert (and  had 2 left over) for Ryan to help celebrate his entire upcoming week during which he will be virtually living at Bungie working during the release of the game Destiny.  It's like getting an Olympic gold medal for everyone there. Lots of game stores are having release parties. So I took pictures of that.

Alex fixed lamb for dinner, I did the dishes, we played 13 again, I lost, and then it was time for everyone but me to go to bed. Because I cannot miss ONE DAY of this blog. But it is nice to be very busy and almost not do it. India is the only one up with me.

I have no idea what happened in the world today, so I feel very protected. I am pretty happy about that.

Tomorrow morning Suanna goes back to Houston, and we will miss her. We always miss her, but it is more acute when she has been here. The kitties will also wonder where their friend has gone.

I'll post some pictures but no video or music today. Probably tomorrow.

Nighty night!

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