Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5 Day 36

Today Suanna and I got to do a whole lot of catching up. Usually we only see one another at Christmas when so much is going on that we don't have time to talk. But today we sat around and chatted for a long time, and now I think we are all up to date.
Zoubi and India have taken quite a shine to Suanna. They didn't question her ability to walk right into the house and settle in. This is good because Zoubi has hissed at people twice in her life (for no good reason since they weren't burglars or dogs), and we had some concern that this was signaling a change in her winsome but domineering personality. She actually visited Suanna in the guest room, so I am sure no hissing will happen. India is just India. Sweet and fluffy and willing to follow Zoubi wherever she goes.
We went to Seastar and brought Ryan along for dinner. That is the best seafood on the Eastside, in my opinion. I am stuffed, however. Which means I won't make it through Dateline at midnight.

Here is a great picture of Ryan with Suanna. Suanna has known Ryan since he was 14. I guess he's really grown up now. Ryan loves Alex's family. It is nice he has that link. Cute, eh?

Today's photo:
It's time for bed. I'm really sleepy due to my long day of talking. (Suanna is probably had a long day of listening).
This is the litter of the baby Lamm kittens. Zoubi was formerly Zelda Lamm. This little video brings teensy tears to my eyes, because not many people ever see videos of their kitty as a teensy kitten. I love the little folkish song that Laurie put the video, too. Every one loved the Lamm litter, and we are so blessed to have our little Zoubisou Marie.  Get a rescue kitten. They are just a beautiful and often a lot healthier.

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