Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29 Day 60

Today was the day I'd waited for- cool, rainy and sort of darkish. Not winter darkish, but early fall darkish. I promised myself that the first darkish day of fall, I'd thin out my closet and do the hard decisions of getting rid of stuff, etc. So, of course, I went to DSW and bought another pair of sketchers go walks and 6 pairs of over the knee socks. How's that?

This morning I went to a very productive board meeting for my DAR chapter. I just really enjoy doing this. Lanabeth gave me the BEST little ribbon with a tiny DAR charm. It is SO cute. I'd pin it on the cat just to take a picture, but the cat wouldn't get dressed up and I'm too nice to pin it to her fur.

I fully realize that yesterday I asked the unanswerable question: "When does stupid end?"
Today I was reminded of another one: "What the hell is wrong with people?"  Do you not think of that very question quite often? Today a guy in a BMW SUV tried to run me down. In a crosswalk. I can't tell Alex because he is so used to me saying that someone is trying to kill me on the road, that I doubt he'd hear me.  But seriously, the guy was doing about 40 in the Safeway parking lot. He was cutting through from one main road to another and just thought the Safeway parking lot was the place to do it.  I wish I was faster with my camera- I'd have taped him and sent it to the Redmond PD.

One-half of one of my tasks for the 99 days is done. I sent off 22 VHS tapes to be put on DVD and on a hard drive, and today I got them back! hooray! Now I have to send off all of my Houston G&S tapes as soon as I am sure the company did a good job on the first half. If they did, now I can pull the tape out, cut it up, and recycle the plastic VHS cases. No sense in keeping degradable tape in little plastic boxes on two of my book shelves. I'm almost afraid to watch it all. Here is what came back:

Yep- all that.

We just watched Boardwalk Empire- so violent in one scene we both turned away. I get it- Al Capone was a really bad bad bad evilevilevil man. There's plenty more like him, too.

I have to go to the eye doctor in the morning- I think it is definitely time for a new prescription for my poor eyes. I don't know if they are better or worse, or if I just need computer glasses. I don't know. I have to go to bed because I have to wake up early AGAIN tomorrow.

This morning the alarm went off when I was having one of the weirdest dreams of my life. I dreamed I was at the White House having dinner with Barack and Michelle Obama and about 7 Arabs dressed as sheiks. They were telling Obama that the USA owed them military support because the USA is the most powerful country on earth. And I'm thinking, someone bring up DUBAI here. And I was watching Obama eat leg of lamb with his face 1 inch from the plate, making lots of smacky noises, and Michelle Obama was at the HEAD of the table looking at him in a very angry way.  Then the alarm went off.  Boy, I would have loved to have finished that dream. Who knows where THAT came from. In all of my actively dreaming life, I have never once had dinner at the White House with the president. Though one time I did have my late calico, Shenequa Jane, talk to me.  Hmmmmm.

Okedokee- gotta go take a bath and see if I can summon up part deux of that mess of a dream.

I leave you with a song by (who else but) Bad Manners:

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