Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19 Day 50

Awww, I'm sorry Scotland. And it reminds everyone that just because a majority wins doesn't mean that the minority (which can be as large as 49% of actual voters and more who didn't vote in a lot of elections) should be thought of as finished with the idea. Same thing in the USA. There are always people who are not going to change their minds. I was kind of hoping Scotland could pull it off. They've been stripped of their identity in a lot of ways for several hundred years. I've got some Scottish genes, and I think that is where my feistiness originates.

Today I got up and ventured to Seattle- more specifically to the Green Lake area which always makes me nervous. It has some tricky navigation and wonky streets.  Green Lake has a small lake and no parking because people keep wanting to walk around Green Lake and park on the side streets.  But a PCC (whole foods type store but almost more expensive) built a parking garage a block from where I had to go, and I FOUND IT! Whew. I am going to walk 6 miles with Ryan tomorrow in the Beat the Blerch walk sponsored by the guy who does The Oatmeal comics. I have no idea why I signed us up for that. I must have lost my mind. I went to Green Lake to a sports store for runners in order to pick up our packets because 3,000 people will have to get in lines to do so tomorrow if they don't pick up today. And, we are doing the 10K, so we go off last at 10 am, which means finding parking in tiny Carnation WA might be hard. I can find a million reasons to NOT do a 10K, let alone a half marathon. But then I figured, well, Ryan did the miserably hard Mercer Island one with me (for our friend Molly who has cancer), and this one might be so much easier and he will enjoy it. Ryan is in waaayyy better shape than I am because he uses a walking desk when he is at his computer. He can put up crazy big numbers sometimes. SO, he can drag me to the finish. We MIGHT even quit. I don't know. Depends.

The kitties have been enjoying a spider that has made its home on their picture window to the back yard. It's just a regular old orb spider, I guess. But I'd never wondered before if a spider sleeps- turns out, it sort of does. It will curl its legs in and go dormant or something. It has also eaten a few things. India is the most riveted.

I enlarged the photo - if it was that big, I'd have killed it already. With a shovel,

It looks like Texas is getting some rain- I hope the hill country gets it. It has saddened me to watch this dry period - we know people who had to sell their cattle because of no water. It's a part of the country that can be feast or famine as far as water goes. Maybe Lake Travis will fill back up and the Guadalupe River will have a resurgence.  Here's hoping.

Our cousin is at Texas Tech in Lubbock and it looks like she is getting drenched. We are hoping she is safe and happy.

Today's song is about rain:

See you later!

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