Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22 Day 53

Today was a very weird and sometimes somber day. You remember that I could have done the 10K on Sunday but I registered too late and then they put another one on Saturday? Well, yesterday was the other 10K for the people who responded the fastest. And sadly, actually beyond sadly, one of Ryan's friends from his Xbox days, died there. He died near the finish line- actually was kept alive until the hospital but then he couldn't hang on any longer. Ryan's friend was 28 years old. He had a great many friends who have eulogized him on facebook. This is a time it would have been good to be on facebook. I wish I could give his parents a hug. I don't know them, but I have had a 28 year old computer programmer (who is now 34 and fine). I have a son who was friends with their son. So, I feel like they would know how sad I am for them and for their son. Though I am sure that all the young guys who worked with him are stunned, the parents of these young men are stunned to hear the story. We don't have to have known the child- in our hearts, we KNOW the parents. We know how grief stricken they must be and will continue to be- maybe for all of their lives. I hope they find it very touching that their son had so many friends.  Words fail all parents when a child dies. Even when the child is 28.

To help Ryan understand why these things happen, I looked up this very credible article:
Sometimes it helps to understand that it isn't a mystery, and that scientists have cared about it, too. Especially when one is an engineer with a tender heart.

If you are a marathon or half-marathon runner, you might read it.  It isn't a joke and it isn't unusual.
I think that no one ever talks about that part of running.

I had to take India to the vet today. She had many vet visits as a kitten- she was in rough shape. The leftovers from that are the eye irritations from a virus, and these weird little black scabby things around her neck. We don't know yet what those are. SO, she got her antibiotic shot to help clear up her little itchy eyeball, and maybe help out those scabby spots. Good grief! Poor girl. She stayed tucked under my arm and was so sweet and trusting. I love that cat. She is the best cat ever. Today was vet today also for my godkitty, Wylla Stout. She had some teeth cleaning done and now is very spiffy indeed.

Tomorrow Alex will return from Chicago/Wisconsin and I will be happy to see him.

 I've enjoyed watching the Real Housewives 100th anniversary show, however. Small pleasures.

night all!

12/14 Addendum- nothing wrong was found in the system of Ryan's friend- the only culprit was excess caffeine.  Thus making it even more of a tragedy.

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