Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 3 Day 34

I 've mentioned this before, but without Facebook I am so much faster at cleaning house. I've got a pretty big house here because it is so cheap to air condition it- in Houston my house was 4500 sq ft and 16 years ago my July bill was $700. It was a new house with insulated windows, etc. This house is 4100 sq ft and my July gas/electric bill was $130.  It isn't really the house payment that can strain your budget, it is the utilities, maintenance and taxes. The taxes on that Houston house are now $29,000 a year. You read that right. I drive through West University Place now at Christmas and nothing much seems to have changed. No streets lined with gold. No spectacularly picturesque street lights and charming signage. And that, combined with huge electric bills, would have driven me out of that house even if I hadn't moved. I built it and I loved it- but not enough to pay more in taxes than in house note! So, this house is a much better deal. Actually,  this sidestep in narrative is just to show you that it is okay that two people have such a big house! But I can clean it now in 3 hours- easily. Stopping to check facebook cost me lots of time. It slowed me down in so many ways. Oh, and by the way, we bought this house for the downstairs. Had it only had two bedrooms, we'd have been fine with it. Sadly, resale values do not favor homes built for 2 people- even up here where people try to shame you for a bigger house than theirs. Somehow, THEIR house is just right- it is yours that is the problem! So, we have a bigger house than our neighbors who have 3 little boys- and I often think that I should just trade houses with her.

Anyhoo, I'm faster now. With everything- including cooking.

Oh- today the 99 Days of Freedom people kept their part of the bargain and sent me the 33 day survey. I'll stay off Facebook for 99 days. I mean it.

Tomorrow our Aunt Suanna comes to visit. I'll get her at the airport and we'll have fun. Of course, she will watch the Seahawks game with us. It'll be like Christmas morning- Suanna AND the Seahawks first game. I really wish Amy, her daughter, was coming with her.
For Alex, it won't be like Christmas- it WILL be Christmas. As of 4:30 pm tomorrow.

A picture from last year after the last playoff game. 

Today's song is one that made us debate over what the right words were, but the memories were strong:
it's an end of summer kind of thing- no more picnics.


  1. Awe, I wish I would have come with her, too! Glad you guys are having a great time!