Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21 Day 52

I totally overdid it yesterday! Today it is like my legs are thinking about falling off. But my back is okay and that is great news. Ryan says his ankles hurt like mine do, which is from the uneven path of rocks we were on. If it had been level, I think we'd have come out of it much better. I don't regret it however. Every now and then, it is good to make yourself do something that you don't think you can do. It is different if it is something you SHOULDN'T do, but if you can, you should. Our friend Molly has a motto, If you can, you must.  She is very young and has colon cancer - she is still pushing through it. She used to run marathons, but I think she is doing much shorter things these days when she can. So, really, I should shut up and think of how hard Molly works to stay active. For me, it's just getting out of a chair. And then complaining for a few days.

Leonard Cohen is turning 80, and he says he is going to start smoking again. He's missed smoking for 30 years, but now, he has decided to embrace the things he has enjoyed in his life and not live for some nebulous future. He is, of course, exactly right. There comes a time when you should forget the long term and live every second in the present. (don't forget to PLAN and make a will so that you can die without worrying if your kids are protected).  Leonard is doing what a lot of people do but they won't admit it. I know people who have lived for the present ALL of their lives. It might suit them, but it carries a lot of irresponsibility. So, if I make it to 80, I'm going to be like Leonard. I won't smoke again because I don't want to be tethered to an asthma inhaler, but I certainly won't worry about carbs or every last little suspicious spot on my face or chest from the sun.

The Seahawks won- I thought I'd have an anxiety attack. Peyton Manning had his moment of brilliance but it took him too long. If he'd worked that way all along, he'd have been the hero of Denver. But I'm always glad when the hawks win. They are such a great group.

I'm sort of hoping that all those global warming demonstrators remember to throw away their iphones. iPhone manufacturing is the most polluting, and it is the worst cell phone in terms of the environment. Apple products are the worst. Most expensive, most energy consuming, most wasteful, hog the most cell phone carrier space, etc. And there are better phones out there anyway.

I'll post a picture of the kitties today- they were enjoying the Seahawks game.
I missed our neighborhood party- I just couldn't face standing and sitting with my sore little legs. The sofa was made for me tonight.

They say that today is the last day in the 80s- until next June. OH well, it had to happen sometime and we've had a spectacular summer.

Here's a video of my godkitty , Wylla Stout. She is the most special kitty and this shows that she is very normal in the important cat ways:

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