Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15 Day 46

Hmmm, turns out I'm not cleaning out many closets, drawers or cabinets. What's up with that? I thought that SURELY this house would be totally picked up and cleaned out, and maybe even have a little updating here and there. But nope. I'm sort of caught up with company for the summer, so late September and the month of October are going to be busy with me hopefully working on the closets. I can't very well blame facebook for the crammed closet in my room.
Or can I? Hmmmm.

So, today I have been gobsmacked by the reaction to Miss America having sung "Happy" while smacking on some red plastic cup while sitting on the stage. When I was in college, a girl across the hall named Judy became Miss America for jumping on a trampoline. She wasn't that pretty, or even that good at the trampoline, but she was DIFFERENT. She stood out. Not just because she had platinumish hair. But because no one in the history of that pageant had ever jumped on a trampoline. The judges remembered her. So I'm thinking that Miss New York looks very confident in that video of her smacking the stage and singing "Happy" while looking like a relaxed and, well, happy girl showing her friends her ability to chew gum and rub her tummy counter clockwise at the same time.

 It is about damn time that the Miss America contestants come up with something other than dancing, playing piano, singing some aria that wouldn't get them past the first round of the Met auditions, baton twirling, and the forever godforsaken talent of ventriloquism. I tell you, every time I see some gorgeous woman with her hand shoved up a dummy's rear, I wonder what has possessed them. All of them. But evidently, all those tolerant and loving little teen agers out there who hate bullies and think everyone should be accepted, are all over twitter bitching about Miss New York and her red cup because they think she is an untalented, not so pretty, crummy singing, imposter.

 SO, in the interest of accurate reporting, I went to youtube and dug up that gem of a performance and here is my take: BRAVO blondie, you did something not one other of those tight panty women would think of doing. You sat your skinny butt down on the filthy stage, tapped on a cup and sang your little heart out. I'm saying that sincerity and originality should beat the common place EVERY SINGLE time. I hope next year there's a woman who cuts out a 300 piece string of those Mexican fiesta decorations with one cut. I'll stand up and scream "YES YES YES!!! YOU WIN!".  I'm sorry so many people have decided to speak out against Miss New York. What did she ever do to them?  Frankly, she looks so thin that I'm sort of surprised she made it through the routine without fainting. But she DID. And she WON. Too bad for all the hypocritical girls who have taken her cup performance on as a cause, because though they probably have no talent, no figure for a bathing suit and no competitive spirit, they evidently do have a jealous heart.  And by the way, she WAS on pitch and her voice was just fine. The other girls were no better than the thousands of other girls who apply themselves to music or dance. But singing in time, on pitch, while banging on a plastic cup- well, that is something else. Congratulations Miss New York for using a red cup for something other than beer pong.

And here she is:

and here is the Urban Dictionary definition of red cup:
Red Cup Pictures are photos, traditionally appearing on Facebook, which generally depict some sort of partying. The etymology of the term comes from the fact that most of these photos show one or more people holding red plastic disposable cups which are commonly used for alcoholic beverages at youth gatherings.

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