Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30 Day 61

Well, today started with this visit to the eye dr because my eyes were all blurry. They've been blurry, but I was going to get a new prescription. Turns out, she says my right eye looks like it has been hit with a sand blaster and it really ought to be hurting the hell out of me. The other one is dry but nothing like the right one. That certainly explains the problem with my blurry eye. This isn't the first time- I have had tear duct plugs in my eyes (no, you can't tell) for about 2 years. I was on restasis for a year and a half, but as usual, when you get better the doctor takes away the drug that MAKES you better. I've never understood it. But I LOVE my eye doctor- she was trained in Houston, and in fact, she trained under my great Houston eye doctor. So, she is very upset that she stopped the restasis.
I'll go back on it. NO big deal- just a daily thing that requires very little effort and has not one side effect other than healing my scratchy eyeball.

Once my pupils stopped being huge and I could read, I was slapped in the face by the crazy Lena Dunham who just wrote a book, and in it claims she was raped. Not on the street or in the woods, but in a bed where she climbed in undressed. At least that is what I think she is saying in her weird narrative. Now keep in mind, Ms Dunham was awake, drunkish, and her partner was also. Able to talk and able to walk. She pulled down her pants to pee in a parking lot (you heard me- she isn't the most delicate of flowers so no surprise there) when her date came over to her. First of all, most guys do NOT want to watch their drunk date pee in a parking lot, let alone a looker like Lena Dunham. But if she DOES that, he probably figures she is waiting for him to make his move because if she was really behaving like she respected herself, she wouldn't be peeing in front of him at all. I digress. From there it goes to what certainly SOUNDS like consensual sex - with Dunham even noticing his condom had escaped to a piece a furniture at some point. Now she believes she was raped. In some sick form of camaraderie with the current "oh that happened to me, too!" female rush to innocence, Dunham has hopped on the convenient memory train.  I truly fear for the young man, who she describes as a Republican because his politics would influence whether or not she was raped, I guess. Dunham, by her actions, was consensual. She doesn't seem to have said a firm NO. She went with him to a bed- she wasn't dragged there.  She took off her clothes. She had sex. She went back to her room and TOLD her roommate, who told her she had been raped because she was not in control of herself and was obviously a victim. Dunham laughed initially at that. Like all rape victims do, you know. Well, maybe her DATE was raped. Maybe HE wasn't in control of himself after the erotic spectacle of seeing that nasty girl peeing in a parking lot. (we won't go into whether or not maybe he was BLIND).  This is crazy land. College kids have sex. Why? Because they are physically ready and biologically programmed to do so. And they are drunk a lot.  This crazy woman now is going to get into some nutso world where women are not responsible for ANYTHING. They can even hop on a guy, strip down, have sex and then claim they were drunk and demented at the time.  I am so sorry for most of the decent and caring young men out there who are just being a willing accomplice when all the right messages are received. And I am ashamed to read something as asinine as this woman's attempt to blame someone else for her sluttiness. If this woman speaks for her generation, then I am shocked at how low women will go to justify their mistakes. Yes, she made a MISTAKE by acting like a whore, and now it is his fault. Disgusting. I'll tell what it does do- it demeans the experiences of women who WERE raped - really raped. Women who were in fear for their lives, or in fear of their date. Dunham is just a whore with an imagination. Too bad.I am so proud of all the girls who wouldn't pee in a parking lot in front of a date. It's a low bar, but there are girls who would never do that.
Well, wasn't THAT the little paragraph!

It was cold and damp today- I am wondering if I should turn on the fire?
I have spent the rest of the day getting yet another email account. Now I have 10. TEN. I can't decide which to use, but I just got one for my DAR friends. I can keep everything in there and not worry about losing it. My POP mail sucks. And I have to PAY for it!!!! I'll take a few months to transfer over and then just forward the account over to whichever account I finally choose. What a chore.

So, in remembrance of the sorry ho's everywhere who blame other people for their behavior and yet see themselves as spectacular and blameless:

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